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The quality is unbearable but thanks so much for uploading it anyway <3

Incredibly nerdy, very cool, thank you for the response

Just wondering, can you have two players?

I've never played a table top before except light dnd, what is a MOSAIC strict game

Genuinely the most dignified responsive I've ever seen from a creator towards someone so disrespectful. Mad respect, legendary vermin.

I can't tell, is this game purely VR or also compatible with just a pc setup?

This is a tabletop yes?

There is no issue I had just never encountered a novel text style game before, my b I thought that was a preview introduction and not the game itself

Hey man, there doesn't seem to be anything to download, whatsup?

After completing the tutorial the menu was easily accessible, and I could start the tutorial again by restarting the game. Thank you for responding!

Hi, I downloaded this with the inequality bundle and it's in French. I'm not sure how to fix this, there doesn't seem to be a menu button. Any suggestions?

I really want to play this game but I only have a mac, are there any plans to make a mac edition?

Are you available to contact over instagram? I don't have twitter but I would really love to check out the deluxe version! if you don't have instagram, no worries :)

Hey I'm on mac and the download takes me to a website that won't load - any suggestions? I really want to play this game


I love this - is there any possible way for me to get in touch with the creator?

I don't know if your still on here or making video games, (30 days can change a lot) but is there anyway I could get in contact with you like email or social media? I have visions for what you could create