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Played about half of it so far and WOW. Emika Games never disappoints, atmosphere is terrifying, sound and level design are fantastic. Jumpscares great as always! 

This game was very creepy! Plenty of jumpscares that all got me, overall great atmosphere and horror game in general i enjoyed it alot! 

This got me good! Was short but the jumpscare got me good! 

Not gonna lie this got me a few times! For sure some good jumpscares in this!

This was pretty cool, Short and creepy. I liked it! 

This was really cool tbh, had me really confused on edge and had me second guessing a lot because I thought I was seeing things! This is dope man! 

 This was really well put together, Its cool to see actual fears from someone honestly, Just wish there was a few more jumpscares! Overall solid though!


This was really good actually, alot longer than i expected! Reminded me of a outlast style mixed with zombies it was dope! 

This was interesting, the atmosphere was great and the creature was pretty damn creepy. Wish we got to run from it actually instead of the walk but besides that it was dope! 

This game is well made, sound design was creepy and environment was as well, also had some pretty good jumpscares! 

 This was pretty good, Squidward got me good honestly  plus spongebob was really creepy, Just wish there was some form of checkpoint system besides that it was good! 

This was super creepy. Had me on edge the whole time, graphics and sounds were great! Scared me quite a bit. 

Quick and short, defiantly creepy i enjoyed it! 

This was really good tbh, atmosphere and scares were great. probably going to check out the full game i recommend this one! It got me a few times.

This was honestly a really good game, a lot longer than I expected and defiantly had me confused most of the time. Atmosphere was great with some good scares as well, I recommend it! 

I really like this, I was a bit confused at parts but the atmosphere and the story were pretty good, the ending defiantly caught me off guard.

This was pretty good tbh, A bit short but the monster scared me pretty damn good! I really really enjoyed this.

This game was interesting to say the least! Gave me a good laugh tbh between the toilet guy and mooshie dancing but it was creepy defiantly! I recommend it for a quick game! 

This game.. was great tbh! I really enjoyed it. Have not finished it because this monster is hard to get past and the different paths are difficult to chose from but man was this game great!

Wasn't sure what to expect going into this but it defiantly was creepy and gave me a eerie vibe! Cant wait to see the final product. 

Played the first one recently and this one is even better, The asylum seems huge and Michael is defiantly more aware of you and scary. This was pretty fun! 

Really good game, absolutely great atmosphere with creepy creatures. I loved the look to the game and the jumpscares were good too i recommend it! 

This was super creepy, short but cool. Id love to see a longer version of this! 

This was dope! love the remix to Michaels music, pretty creepy too and creative. This was one of the best put together fan games ive seen! 

This game was awesome! I loved the story and atmosphere, the scares were great and it had alot. I found this creator from september 7th and played this because it was good, this developer can make a horror game thats for sure! 9/10 

This was very fun to play, cool concept and executed well I really enjoyed it. 

Really liked this, got my heart racing and had me on edge, wish it was a bit longer with a few more scares but besides that i loved it! 

Absolutely enjoyed this, Super creepy and enjoyable. Wish there was a few more jump scares but besides that I loved it!

Really liked and enjoyed this, atmosphere was great super creepy! Just wish it was a bit longer with more scares but i highly reccomend! 

I enjoyed this, wish it was a bit longer and had some more scares but still pretty good short game! 

Overall Really creepy game, wish scares were a bit more spread out but besides that it was a good scary game and i recommend it! 9/10 

Game was pretty damn creepy and scared me pretty bad. Overall really good atmosphere and feeling. Highly recommend ! 

Awesome game! Super Super Creepy. Made me really uncomfortable i really enjoyed it. 

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Solid 9/10 for me super creepy, wasn't able to finish it yet but the atmosphere was creepy and super uncomfortable! I recommend it! 

This game was awesome! It was short and quick but this was different, the atmosphere and gameplay felt different especially with how fast the mascot was! Really enjoyed  this and hope you continue it! 

Really Really enjoyed this game! Doesn't seem failed or anything, it was great! Atmosphere was awesome and the jump scares were great. Recommend it! 

Pretty good game! Love the PS1 Style alot. Super creepy, Just wish there was a jumpscare or two! Overall Solid game! Enjoyed it alot. 

Pretty creepy, Enjoyed it for what it was! Had me pretty engaged but very very short! Still great, Defiantly recommend