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ohhhh karlaiguess

A member registered Oct 12, 2020

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hai pesky

hey, its me again!! i have a question :D 
you said that there was going to be a sequel, right 
is the story of the little white guy/never leave me gonna ever be explained
they are my favorite character and tbh they r rly interested !!
if you wanna talk to me my twitter is SWEETSWEETMEAT or my discord is MARIAH !!#1987 thank you !! have a nice day :)

glad to know that!! :DD

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oh my god, are you actually planning to make the sequel?? if I'd only know how to help you I would gladly help. this game is really underrated imo and its such a shame I couldn't play, it seriously needs more people to recognize how beautiful it is, I listen to the soundtrack 24/7 and what can I say?? its affascinating to me. good luck with the sequel, and I rlly hope we can get more of "never leave me/white" :^)

frick. I'll try using the virtual machine and see if that'll work, also sorry to hear the hard drive broke

aww man, such a shame, I rlly wanted to play HAPPY WORLD-

hello!! I am a rlly big fan of your work dude!! but like,,I think there's an issue with my pc.
basically when I try opening the app it says I can't. im on Mac and I don't understand what's wrong