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The game was simple and easy to get a long but my friend who played it took a while as he did not want to move around as he was scared and it felt weird being the pyschopath and the shading art style of the game was very interesting and maybe that made the game look more pointy to me.

This eye catching game has caught my eyes and have added it into my steam. Also the following reason why I would not ride a boat far down the sea. Such a difficult game but was fun and scared. Also it reminded me of the game shadow of the colossus.

I would recommend to my friends who are playing 2d type of fighting game like brawlhalla or mario as this game was awesome and the feeling of hit? was just amazing.

I had to play this game just by looking at the picture of the game as it reminded me of subnautica and thought that it was going to be similar to it. However the game was whole different from what I expected and I have enjoyed looking around and sometimes felt horror when I saw the monsters looking type of sea animals.

This weird game has caught my eyes as it talked about firm handshakes and was wondering if I do handshakes the whole game would it be interesting to play for a while and I was handshaking more than 40 men. It was fun and loved it thank you!

I loved this game as I love fps type of game and the graphics whenever I kill the monsters and the splash arts was eye pleasing!

This is something I didnt expect but the game was thrilling and was always prepared that something might come out from nowhere. Nice game.

This is such a fun game I have tried using itch app and the type of game I was finding I love the character designs in all of them and had fun when familiar characters came out with unexpected challenges.

The art used in this game was so cute and such a fun game as I was able to move around all the places that I wanted to go and the levels of the game was very equal.