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Whoaa this looks so interesting??? Brb- 

how to uncompress tho? I downloaded it and it popped up as an internet shortcut. It wouldn't open afterwards. I need help ;-;;

When do you think you can release?

Hello, I apologize for bothering you with such a basic question can I extract the RAR file?

Ok, thank you for your hard work!

I was also wondering about MC's character. Are they trying to change her into a completely "goody" good person? Like a completely selfless, cares-too-much-about-others kind person? Or just trying to pry her open to the goodness of human nature?

This was really nice! I'm eagerly anticipating the full release. May I ask tho, will it cost money?

I'm even more eager for the full release, then!!!! Thank you for your hard work!

Ah, okay. Does that mean Ran is getting an epilogue?

Ok the cg towards the end of the demo cracked me up, esp Glasses. I enjoyed this a lot!!! Thanks for your hard work, I can't wait for the full release!

Hello!!! I just finished the full Wilder game, and lemma just sum it up fast, it was absolutely brilliant. But I'm wondering why there was no 'gallery' option? :o The option itself was present in the demo.

What? I'm not excited. You are.