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Crack the Egg

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oh this game! oh! this game really did swell like a triumphant score in me as i played; the card matching is a very unique, frustrating and analogous bedrock to the game mechanics. i'd say it mimics the rhythm and cadence of a conversation well, and all its lil aggressions and the like. i deeply enjoyed just going around and talking to people and trying my damnedest to talk to people and not at or past them--or, in the game-specific terms, having the right cards at the right time in the right positions. the worldbuilding and the WRITING is MWAH MWAH i was really excited to go places, read the little vignettes, and feel like the traveler. and i did. what a delight. a joy. will be replaying

really can't wait to see how y'all tackle systemic issues and the "savior" complex! also....................i look forward to reading how y'all play with planetary systems  with this world. is terra-forming a baseline thing?


absolutely adored this game. the twists both surprised and delighted me


The little exuberant details in this: the static screens for unused save slots, the color differences in character speech, the anime-esque special effects for the sprite, the sly static blurring transition from screen to screen, the wide color palette for skin color (and its carry-over effect on CG's), the neon pink and blue dialogue box styles, the chapters designated as "levels", the coin-dropping-into-the-slot sound as you advance a level, and I haven't even touched the character designs or the story or the routes or the character writing! What the french fry!  The world-building in here is so lively and animated and obvious--who knew there could be so much spirit in one game? I adore the heck out of every bit of game design and hope to keep noticing more and be delighted!

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(spoilers ahead new players do not engage) 

also lemme just say i LAUGHED so hard when u drop the identity bomb and u get the CG and Cal is just standing there looking so fucking pissed while everybody else (aside from Damon) is confused and stunned. 

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i LOVE the strip club scene. the music and the background--wow. this also holds true for the times we get to see the ship's insides, the hold/hangar/control panel/hallways/etc. i'm just impressed with all the details that have been put in. whoever's doing the design for the backgrounds and music--super major kudos and love for all the delightful world-building and immersion work y'all are doing and accomplishing!!!!

Whoaa this looks so interesting??? Brb- 

how to uncompress tho? I downloaded it and it popped up as an internet shortcut. It wouldn't open afterwards. I need help ;-;;

When do you think you can release?

Hello, I apologize for bothering you with such a basic question can I extract the RAR file?

Ok, thank you for your hard work!

I was also wondering about MC's character. Are they trying to change her into a completely "goody" good person? Like a completely selfless, cares-too-much-about-others kind person? Or just trying to pry her open to the goodness of human nature?

This was really nice! I'm eagerly anticipating the full release. May I ask tho, will it cost money?

I'm even more eager for the full release, then!!!! Thank you for your hard work!

Ah, okay. Does that mean Ran is getting an epilogue?

Ok the cg towards the end of the demo cracked me up, esp Glasses. I enjoyed this a lot!!! Thanks for your hard work, I can't wait for the full release!

Hello!!! I just finished the full Wilder game, and lemma just sum it up fast, it was absolutely brilliant. But I'm wondering why there was no 'gallery' option? :o The option itself was present in the demo.

What? I'm not excited. You are.