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Omar Hadhoud

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Thanks mate, glad you liked it.

I'm really glad you like the idea and the graphics. Glad to hear you didn't encounter I didn't play test a lot. 

It is hard, yes. Not like it was my intention, it is just me not play-testing it for enough time, my bad :D I actually didn't know that tetris thing, I agree with you that it would've made that spamming or running out of luck and getting 4 consecutive "Up" much better. I just hope it didn't ruin your experience that much! I really appreciate your critique!

Thanks mate! Glad you liked it!

I'm glad you liked it!

Glad you liked it. The buttons should've been better yes, I agree with you it doesn't look/feel that good.

Thanks :D

I really liked the idea and the feel of it. I can imagine how far and good it could go if you keep working on it :D

Glad you liked the idea! I wanted it to be a little more challenging as there wasn't enough time to create many levels :D

Really glad you liked it!! The maze is a little tricky I know, I should've clarified  but I was out of time. :( 

Also I got the bug after submitting and trying it so I couldn't fix it :( Thanks tho for liking it :D

Good concept, good level design and movement mechanics (I suck at movement, so anything for me would be great).

Great work!!

<3 <3

That would have looked better indeed! If I get to work on it again, I'll try this! Thanks for the suggestion!

Thanks dude <3 


The game freezed at "Big belly eats" level I guess? Or it is intended I don't know. :"D

But I really like the idea,  and gameplay! Great work! Keep developing it I think it can turn easily into another addictive mobile game :D

Yeah I know, I just didn't know how I could fix such a problem without changing the main idea. Thank you, appreciate it.