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PLayed night one, was too intense for me 

Played this first one about a year ago and loved it, glad to play the second one now (loved the mini-arcade game, would legit play a whole game based around that)

there was a slide in the woods

Real fun, a great addition to this big storyline of spongebob games馃槀

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I played the demo when it first came out, and am now playing this, it's reminds me a lot of the RE7 demos in a way and I love it :)

The sounds were too much lol, I was even scared while editing even though I already played it and knew what was gonna happen, so good job dev 

I really liked this game, it's not the scariest game I've played but it's super fun with really good quality


Pretty spooky, was playing half the game with my eyes closed so I'd say you did a good job 

A video my friend made 

Felt like there were missing pieces to the game, the puzzle aspect was nice and so were the grapics :)

Love these graphics, it has to be my favorite thing in this game

A totally normal game...

I know I wasn't the only one who thought that was baldi馃槄 

One of those fun short horror games

I realllyy liked this demo, good job dev and good luck on the full release :) 

I actually liked this game it was fun! it was also... interesting... 

I enjoyed the game a lot, but missed out soooo much 馃槶

like it, good job dev 

I actually really liked this game. Would've liked a longer more in-depth version. 

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def a good game idea, but I feel like if it was longer(game wise), bigger (map wise) and more dense (story wise) it would be a perfect outlast-ish type indie game, but still, good job on the good game

The story of this game is kinda confuses me, but I enjoyed the game nonetheless 

I thought that too!

A cool little game :)

I feel like I was the only person scared after watching all these different videos馃槄

A pretty tense short horror game

This is in my top 5 of my favorite short horror games so far on

maybe im just bad at pc shooters but this was lowkey hard 馃槗

This game is wayyy to funny than it should be, the voice actors were golden

I liked this game, not cause it was scary, but how funny it was to play

I was in disbelief that the game was that short,,, but it was 馃槀馃ぃ

The posters on the stairs, and the next gen consoles are really nice touches 

Liked the twist at the end :)

so this is made by the same people that made Baby in Yellow right