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The game is pretty good, it has a lot of potential, and this little demo was fun, I even wishlisted the full game on Steam. But, I do have to point out some bugs:

Some of the sprites didn't load in, resulting in the enemy being just a black square. This made some combat encounters a bit tricky.

Enemy hitboxes were a bit weird, so sometimes I couldn't hit enemies unless I hit them at a very specific spot and sometimes I couldn't even hit them at all.

During the first boss fight, when I died and should've respawned, it didn't respawn me and I could just do nothing as the boss attacks me while I'm already dead, resulting in me having to go back to the main menu and resume. It happened again though, so at that point I had to start a new game.

I didn't see any other bugs apart from the ones I mentioned. All in all, I think this was pretty fun, although it has more bugs than the old Gamemaker demo did ( yes, I played that as well, back when it was released ). Can't wait for the full game to come out.

That main menu theme is amazing, any way you could put it on spotify or something so I can listen to it without having to open the game every time

The game is absolutely gorgeous. there's a lot to do ( like a lot of quests ), the gameplay is not too complicated, and it isn't that simple either, and the crafting system is very well done. The only problem I've ran into so far is that the keybinds reset after closing the game, so I end up having to re-bind the keys back to what I'm used to after closing and the re-opening the game.

Wow, not only did he seem like a sore loser, but also like a jackass. I've heard of people doing stuff like that when their siblings were about to win

I don't know how you don't. Unless you don't have siblings. I used to play split screen with my brother all the time

it actually kinda does

I miss when split screen was basically a mandatory feature for every game.

Yeah, I'm wondering that as well

Yeah, it was glitching my computer, too

Yeah, I know. I meant what is he thinking, knowing someone made this after he died

Bruh this game is littered with bugs ( Yes, I know they're intentional, it's a joke )

Don't get me wrong, I like it, it's fun, but it is just concerning. I wonder what is Stephen Hillenburg thinking, knowing someone made a GTA game revolving around a character in a cartoon that he made

Hey, sorry for the late reply, but the PS controls feel great! I've had so much fun with the game and am really excited to see what will happen with it in the future.

Let's hope this doesn't get taken down by Nintendo like all the other fan games.

Dani said the war is over, we have a truce. Do as the king says

Damn, great to see how you've progressed past Roblox. I remember watching people play your games like Light Bulb, BREACH, and They Breathe. To be honest, the games you make with Unity are far more scarier than the ones you made in Roblox

Oh, alright, thanks!

I'm probably gonna be playing on keyboard, but can you play this with a PS4 Controller? Just wondering

I love co-op games. I love cats. I love games which, when played with your friends, lead to laughter, shouting, anger, and complete chaos, or in other words, Local/Couch Co-op games. What do you get when you mix them together? Wild Woods. I just love how this game takes the normal escort missions of a lot of other games, and makes it complete chaos because of it being a Local Co-op game ( or Couch Co-op, whichever term you prefer ). Another thing I like about the game is how you have to look for resources during the day, and then turns into an escort mission at night.  And you can also either upgrade your wagon, or go and fight the final boss.

Not once in my life did I expect to see a stealth game, that is played Locally ( or remotely, makes sense that feature's added, due to the lockdown ). Yet here we are, with Short-Stacked. A fun game which takes the classical trick of two kids stacked on top of each other with a trench coat and a fedora, and makes it as hilarious and frustrating as it can be, since everyone knows games like these can get a little bit chaotic, resulting in, most likely, a lot of shouting. And it also has a pretty cute art-style.

no, fuck off, this is Dani's game, you'd only ask that if you wanted to steal the game, and that's copyright infringement. Make your own games, don't go on claiming that something is yours when it's clearly not.

I have only one thing to say for this:


You misspelled Steam, but sadly, I don't think the dev can make it free

No problem, dude

I saw the #bulletin' channel on Vibrant Venture's discord, good job on winning 1st place with this game ( at least I think so, because they linked this game )

Is there PS4 Controller compatibility? If there isn't, it's totally fine, I can play keyboard and mouse

No problem, my guy. Can't wait to play the full game, I absolutely fell in love with this Alpha!

It's like if Re: Run from Dani was more detailed, and  you fought with your fists. The game has a ton of calcium, a skele-ton. Very e p i c

Just press No thanks, just take me to the downloads, it's set to name your own price, it doesn't mean you have to pay

I like how opening doors gives off that old RE vibe, like, with the black background and then the camera zooming into the open door.

I want to reply to this, I just don't know how

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Well. since the game doesn't have a no VR Headset setting, I'll have to wait 'till I can afford one. The game looks awesome

I like how everyone's like " Make the game free " like dude, just press " No thanks, just take me to the downloads " and boom, it's not that hard

The title says all, is it compatible with PS4 Controllers? You might see me commenting this a lot on

I was gonna ask if it's compatible with PS4 Controllers, but I'm pretty sure that it is, and that I don't need to ask