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Alright, thanks for the feedback! Hope the full game's development is going well

The title says all, is it compatible with PS4 Controllers? You might see me commenting this a lot on

Is this game compatible with controllers? If so, is it compatible with PS4 controllers?

I was gonna ask if it's compatible with PS4 Controllers, but I'm pretty sure that it is, and that I don't need to ask



parckour and duble jump

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I just want to say one thing about the story

wow, that was really cool

Alright, then. Well, better something than nothing, right?

Alright, so, i still haven't played the game, as I first want to know if it's compatible with PS4 controllers. The fact that every game only points out the XBOX controller controls always makes me wonder if they are compatible with PS4 controllers, as I can only connect them, and not my XBOX controllers

I sure will!

Alright, I did it, found a way to beat the boss, and got the bad ending

I don't have a problem with mouse and keyboard, but it would be fun to have controller support, so you don't have to stretch your finger to the other side of the keyboard. Of course, both XBOX and PS4 controller support, I don't want there only being XBOX controller support when I can only connect my PS4 controllers, that would suck

Yeah, tried that, nothing. Gonna go and try it again

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So, I don't suppose the game is made like this, but, on the 2nd Level of the game, the boss didn't appear. I've double checked, killed all the enemies, got all the cards to be able to go to the roof, but nothing happens from that point on. Did I miss something, or is this just a bug? An explanation would be much appreciated

If there's one thing I like, it's games with melee combat or hand-to-hand combat. And if there's another thing I like, It's co-op games, regardless of if they're online, couch play ( everyone plays on the same device ), or LAN ( everyone plays on the same internet connection ). If there's another ANOTHER thing I like, it's story games ( As I prefer to have to follow a story rather than just get sent into a world to do what I want to do ). Mix those, and what do you get? This, a perfect couch play co-op, cyberpunk/futuristic styled game with hand-to-hand combat and combos, and a story which feels like when taking out a fresh, perfectly baked bread out of the oven. I have yet to play this game, but I guarantee I'll have a blast with it. For an indie game, it looks amazing, and I know the developers are working hard on the other 2 characters and the other 5 levels. I hope they see this and take it as words of encouragement to keep working on the game, as making a game isn't easy.

Alright, seems one of the devs did notice this. Anyway, thanks for letting me know that the game's compatible with PS4 controllers. I'll download the game right now and am sure I'll have a blast! I'll also ask my brother if he wants to play because, the more, the merrier.

I know this game's not been updated in a long time ( 3 years ) and the devs probably won't see this, but is the game compatible with PS4 Controllers? All the games on always point out only the controls for XBOX Controllers, and I can't connect my XBOX controllers to my PC, only the PS4 ones.

Wow, the game's so good! It's so good that it doesn't even have a download link.

To him, I don't know if it makes sense, but to me, it makes perfect sense

Eh, no worries, my guy

a banana kills enemies because the banana is the mightiest one of them all. In other words, you have to watch Dani's videos to understand because if you do you're officially a member of milk gang and an e p i c  g a m e r