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That's great to here!

Hi! Great stuff here. So on the exalted funeral website, it says volume 3 is coming mid-February. Was it from last year, or is it 2024? Thanks!

Hey! So I came to the conclusion that I much prefer freeform roleplaying games around the time you posted your guide on Reddit and Discord.

We pretty much came to the same conclusions so I'm glad you wrote that and put it out there!

Long story short, thinking in story-world logic has been a game (lol) changer for me. Relying on it allows me to improvise on the spot because my focus is entirely on the fictional situation and not on some stats.

I use a method that might interest you!

Success/failure roll

  • 2d6, 
  • Target is always 8. 
  • Roll 3d6 and keep lowest/highest 2 if the intended outcome is un/likely to happen.
  • If it's super high, super succeed. If it's super low, super fail.

Pretty basic. Thanks to Grok?!, I've added an additionnal layer to that :

  •  if the character fails, the player may turn the failure into a success and inflict a complication on the character. (Item used breaks or depleted, contact is angry, etc.) 
  • The lower the roll, the more intense the inflicted complication.

It's super easy and adds a bit of drama after failed rolls. The choice between failure and a complication might not be easy to do and is a fair source of tension, I find. 

Had a lot of fun with this, again thanks for the guide! Happy gaming



I know it's been a long time since this comment, but did you have a version whitout the stats? I'd be interested to see it (even a WIP ;) )

I'm always having fun whenever I take the game for a spin. Recently, I've been thinking about sort of a ''Grok?! Hero edition'' that introduces some tactical elements, but it's fairly vague at this point.

Is the Discord server still up? The link on the kickstarter page doesn't seem to work.


Looking forward to it!

Hi, just saying, it's still my preferred GM emulator, it holds up!

I've been using it with great success for a while now, so thank you for this! I will say that having more than one word for each suit, much like your older Apocalypse Oracle, is really useful. I've transfered a couple of words from the older to the more recent oracle to help me out.

Thanks for this!