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i ate a corpse in the game wow this game is awesome, on gamejam NOW!

i ate a corpse 10/10

yes yes yes!

ON GAMEJAM NOW! IT'S A TEXT GAME BUT WITH A GREAT Mini-Story And You Can Decide How The Story Goes! In Our Opinion This IS Hard To Do!

We Totally Agree With Partners And Friends, This Game Must Be On The Gamejam...WE ARE NOT SAYING THAT THE GAMES IS STUPID :)

wow that was pretty cool

Yeah! A Really Great Crossover Made By Us And OWGS!


The Thubnail Is Kinda Wack, But The Game Itself Is Great! A Mixed Crossover.

Holy moly!


Well The Game Will Be Probably Available The Next Year, It's Really Hard To Make A Project Like This, We Never Wanted To Work On A Battle Royale But The Sound Of Making A Battle Royale Is Awesome! We Just Never Wanted To Make A Battle Royale Game Because We Will Never Able To Work On Our Other Projects Which Are More Creative And People Love Them!

See You In 1 Year From.....Now!


we don't think so, try getting on 100 score. Vlad did managed to do that :)

It's finally here 😉😂

We Had Fun Making And Coding CSR With You Guys, Once Again.. Let's See What Comes Next😉

Of Course We Are! We Are Cookie Studios! Anyways We Enjoyed TJ2

Hey FG! It's good to have you in this situation, we only have to say that everyone who visited this page, must buy TJ2

Chapter Three Will Be In Development Soon.

In Our Opinion, OWGS We Had Fun Developing That Project With You And Now, It's The Most Hyped Game From Us.

Great Work People, With Your Support We Wouldn't Have Came To This Situation. Thanks And Have Fun.

WOW That Was One Of The Most Hyped FPS Training We Ever Made With You!

That was one of our most buggy project we ever made 😂

I think we should focus more on older projects OWGS, what do you say?