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Been A While Since I Played A Game That Racked My Nerves Like This Lol! This Game Had Insane Tension And Its Just The Demo? I Don't Know If I Can Bring Myself To Play The Full Game Lol. All And All This Game Was The Perfect Lvl Of Gameplay And horror And Was Especially Scary For Me I don't Know If It This Kind Of Artstyle Or What But Stuff Like This Always Scares Me But This Gets A 9/10 From Me Man Cant Wait To See What You Do Next! ~Wang

This Game had A Concept I've Never Seen before! The Dark Turn on Google maps Was Awesome And Amazingly Done The Atmosphere Was Terrifying Especially At The End! Cryptic Story Telling And Didn't Rely On Jump scares? 10/10 In My Book! Cant Wait to See What You Do Next! ~Wang

This Game Was The Perfect Level Of Goofy And Scary I Liked The Gameplay And Lil Memes Hidden Around! I Do Have Only One Complaint And That Is The Jumping Mechanic Feels AS Bit Wonky At Times But Not Unbearable. Other Than That This Game Is A Solid 9/10 You have A lot of Potential Ill Be On The Look Out For What You Do Next! ~Wang

Pretty Good Game The End Took Me A VERY VERY Long Time To Get Through Tho Lol But The Game Was Hilarious And Scary At The Same Time I Found Myself Laughing One Sec And Screaming The Next Overall 7?10 Man You Got A lot Of Potential Ill Be On The Look Out For What You Do Next! ~Wang

This Update Was Well Worth the Wait! You Guys Are Really Hyping Up 2023 Lol I Was Shocked To See The Movement Mechanic And All The New Details You guys Added It Was Crazy To Be Able To Walk Around This Opens So Many Doors For Future Updates! Cant Wait To See What Secrets Ppl Find And Cant Wait To See What You Guys Do Since This Game Basically Made My Channel! Keep up The Great Work! ~Wang

One Of The Best Looking And Feeling Games I've Found On Here The Atmosphere And Graphics Were Amazing! The Jump scares Were Horrifying Just Like The Rest Of The Game! All That And Still Having A Good Sense Of Humor? 10/10 In My Book! Keep It Up! ~Wang

Game 1 - At First I Thought That The Filter Was A Bit Much But By The End Of It I Noticed That It Played Hand In Hand With The Atmosphere. One Thing I Love To See In A Horror Game Its Not Relying On Jump scares And Having A Scary Atmosphere And With The Walking Down A Dark path With Little Visibility Just Waiting For Something To Happen Always Gets my Heart Racing The End Didn't Jumpscare me But Sent A Cold Shiver Down My Spine Witch Was Way More Scary Than Just A Cheap Jump scare 8/10 . I Cant Wait To See What You Do Next You Have A lot Of Potential! ~Wang 

Game 2 - This Games Atmosphere Was Pretty Good I Was A Bit Confused At Times But That Was Mainly My Tiny Brains Doing. The Jumpscare Was Def Unexpected But All Around Its Pretty Good The Sleeping Part Was A Bit Long But Other Than That I Have No Complaints 7/10! Cant Wait To See What You Do Next! ~Wang

Game 3 - This Was My Favorite Of The 3 Games That I Played It Was A Bit Buggy But That Kinda Added To The Fun For Me It Was Fun to Play And Fun To Edit  I Liked The Combat Not Many Games On here Go That Far But All Around It Was A Fun Lil Game 7/10!Cant Wait To See What You Do Next! ~Wang

Darn Good Game Man I Can Tell That There's A lot Of Secrets In This Game i Found A few But Im Pretty Dumb So Yeah. The Game Manages To Be Tense Scary And Fun All At Once It Was Fun To Play And Edit! Def A 9/10 Would Recommend! Cant Wait To See All The Secrets That Are In This Game! ~Wang

Honestly I've Played A lot Of Games Most Of Them Around The Same Length As This One But I Have Never Seen This Much Attention To Detail Put In One This Game Was Amazing All Around From The Voice Acting To The Gameplay I Didn't Find A Single Bug! The Perfect Level Of Horror And Gameplay I Loved Every Second Of It And Will Definitely Be On The Look Out For What You Do Next Hope My Community Loves It As Much As I Did! 11/10 Would Play Again ~Wang

Game 2 - Loved This Game It Was A Bit Hectic At Time And A Bit Weird But It Was Still Fun None The Less The Music Always Building Up Got Me Lol 9/10 Game Man! ~Wang

Game 1 - Lol I  Loved This Game Man It Was The Perfect level Of Goofy And Scary I Loved The Voice Acting The Phone Was SUPER Loud Tho Lol The End Jumpscare Was Cheap But It Still Got Me I Can Really Tell You Put Some Passion In This Game Not Alot Of People Would Put Voice Acting In Games Like This It Was Pretty Darn Good For How Short It Was 10/10 Would Get Scared Again. Ill be Looking For What Games You Make In The Future! ~Wang

Game 3 - Pretty Cool Game Man I Can Really See The Slenderman Inspiration I Was Super Dumb And It Took Me A While To Find Some Of The Reels But It Was Still Super Good For How Short It Was The End Really Startled Me Lol 8/10! Ill Be On The Look Out For What You Do Next! ~Wang  

Actually The Best Horror Game Ive Ever Played And Ive Played Alot Of Them The Story Was Mesmerizing The Gameplay Was Nuts And The Atmosphere Was Insane The Vent Part Had My Heart Pounding 20/10 Man Keep Up The Amazing Work! ~Wang  

Ive Played A lot If Horror Games And One Thing That Ive Said About Them is In A Good One There's Nothing Scarier Then The Atmosphere And This Game Did That Perfectly I Felt My Heart Racing Every Time I Turned A Corner Just For There To be Nothing And THAT Is What I Call Horror Not Just Some Cheap Jump scare But The Actual Feeling Of Terror I Cant Wait For The other Parts I Hope My Community Loves It As Much As I Did!  

First Game - Bruh The Presentation Was Nuts You Really Got The Vibe Down To A Point 9/10

I Don't Usually Play Longer Games On My Channel But This Game Just Might Have Changed My Mind 10/10 In My Book I Hope My Community Enjoys It As Much As I Did! Ill be Watching To See What You Do Next! ~Officer Wang

[Game 2] I Really Liked The Game The Jumpscares Gave Me A lot Of Nostalgia Reminds Me Of When The Scary Maze Game Came out I Like Games That Have Multiple Endings And Even A Bit Of Comedy Thrown In Amazing For How Short It IS 9/10

[Game 1] I Tried Playing This Game A Few Times Before And I Could Never Find Out How To Beat It Till I Looked At The Desc Lol But The Game Was Great! And I Love The Story Behind It You Really Had The Atmospheric Horror Part Down!
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[Game 3] Was Very Loud At First But After That The Atmospheric Horror Was On Point! 

Pretty darn cool man 

Yeah sure this you can reach out To me At ! I Would Love To Check Out What Your Working On! 

Dang I Didn't Expect You To Reply This Early Lol The Vid Will Be Out At 9 That's When Most Of My Viewers Are On!


Pretty darn cool man love the deeper meaning behind the game ill def be on the look out for more games you make!

Pretty Darn Gamer Man

Loved The Game Man Been A While Since I Played A Horror Game That's Scared Me As Many Times As This One!

Found A Bunch Of New Secrets And The New Tape! Explained Some Of My Theory's Too!

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I Love Your Games So Far! My Community Really Likes Them Too! I Love Horror Games That Don't Rely On Jump scares To Be Absolutely Horrifying You Really Nailed The Atmosphere! I Cant Wait To See What other Games You End Up Making And I Cant Wait To Try Them Out! If I Could Offer A Suggestion Tho It Would Be Really Nice If We Could Get A YouTube Assets Pack To Make Thumbnails Even Nicer And better! Completely Up To You Tho! And If You Ever Need Any Voice Acting Done For Free  Id Love To Lend A Hand! Keep Up The Incredible Work! Art Style Movement Graphics 100/10 

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Uh i Think I May Have Found A New  Secret Tape I Cant Find Anything On The Web About It

hey man is it alright if i make a video on this for my yt?