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Thanks a lot for your feedback!! I'm really glad you liked it!

I've never heard of gdwc, but now I will surely get it a look :) Thank you for suggesting it!


sure thing!

That's a good Idea. Very good. Sadly it's past midnight where I am right now, I'm not sure I can do that. I will still give it a try :D Thanks!

so sad.... it's a very good job tho. I appreciated the composition factor

:D thanks!! The hart positioning it's actually a very clever idea! I will use it in one of my next artwork

Thank you for the feedback :3

You set a very awesome, dark mood, filled with mystery. I loved the interactivity of it all :O

I really like how you navigate between the scenes! The story is very sweet, and a little sad

:) good job

The time mechanic for the dossier is a very cool idea! I also liked a lot the theme and the mood of it all

that plot-twist!! XD

That sound background ... love it.

Also, it's a very underrated kind of love. I really appreciated you talking of it.

Really enjoyed the mixing mechanic! The ending are very "mixed" as well :P

I also enjoyed the font choice!

Using the shapes of triangles was very clever! Balance can be so hard... you did a good job :)

I would have liked a restart button ;)

^_^ aw thanks!!

:D thanks!!

<3 thank you!!