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I really want to buy the full game, however I don't use PayPal. Is it possible to add a direct payment method?

When you use a weapon, it takes energy. But you can use a weapon infinitely disregarding the energy bar entirely.

Please add an ad-free version for those who bought the game!

I would like to know if I am crazy or not. Is there anything to the Cart Carnival's theater? Or is it just repeating static?

This is fun! Sometimes the dice get stuck vibrating and you can't do anything though

Ah, I just realized level 15 is solvable  using only 3 polarity-switching items.

Thank you!

Hi, the Windows version of Linelith appears to not work. It shows the godot engine screen, then closes without any errors or logs. Is this an issue with SteamAPI? Or a weird bug?

ah, I forgot to add it in. I'll push an update...

If there's any bugs or things that shouldn't happen lmk

How did you do this in puzzlescript!?

What is the format of "EditorText4.txt"? I would like to create my own levels

Good game!

very fun! Keep it up, you're very good at making puzzles.

Would a build for Android be possible in the future? This seems like one of those games that works on mobile as well.

amazing shmup!!! Considering the screen resolution, I wonder if it will be ported to mobile devices...

I love it, thank you!

Dude, could ypu make this a mobile app?

how am I supposed to install it to get it to run? I've never done anything like this before