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here's a video of how it opens up and starts for me. nothing is moving except the key on the side when i click and when clicking buttons. i didn't see the level animation you mentioned in a previous comment too. i feel like i'm probably missing something obvious i'm sorry! i just want to play XD

will do! I must have not been able to move things properly? I can send a video if I run into it again :) would love to give it another shot! 

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little unsure at what I'm supposed to be doing?

I really enjoyed the artwork and the backstory on this. Would honestly love to see it turned into a webcomic!

I had SUCH a good time with this game. I spent the first 5-10 minutes looking around admiring the art and graphics. Seriously impressive. The voice acting was also very very well done. I can tell the story is written well and it makes me want to uncover the mystery even more. The mechanic of being able to use blood possession to alter the past is SO clever and very unique. I’m excited to see what y’all come up with next! 

Aw I appreciate it!

ah dang! I wish I wouldn’t have run out of time then. Also it’s okay—every game seems to have them but they still get to me D:

Gorgeous music and artwork. I wasn't able to get into the full story and do the story justice, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Thank you for the game!

I had a really fun time featuring this game on stream. The mechanics are completely unique from anything I've played before and the animation and artwork are really engaging. It makes me curious about the lore and I want to know more about the world. Great game, thank you so much for making!

I think I commented on the game jam site, but this game was SUCH a joy to play! Incredibly beautiful and interesting puzzles. I want to see more! 

Wow this is so freaking cute I love the tongue in cheek humor and the art style is so good. 10/10 bones very good boi

The idea and mechanics to this game are super unique and I really enjoyed playing it. I think the controls could use a bit of fine tuning but seriously, would love to see more. Thanks for making!

This was honestly such a joy to play. Very relaxing and the puzzles were just the right amount of challenging. Would love to see more! Gorgeous artwork as well.

Such an incredible job so far--can't wait to see the full game develop. The artwork and voice acting are just superb. I'm bad at games that require any skill but didn't have too hard of a time with this one. Keep up the good work!

Of course! It was a fun one, glad I found it :D

thank you so much!

This game ain't lying when it said it's rage inducing. Fun and cute and a nice way to kill some time!

I tried to download this however it gave an error message "This title is hosted on an incompatible third-party website". Am I doing something wrong? Let me know, thank you!

This has been the most beautiful game I've played this year and I don't say that lightly. The art was beautiful, the mechanics very clever, and it was a joy to discover. The difficulty was a bit high for me but I admit that this is on me rather than the game due to my unfamiliarity with the controller. I really really hope work continues on this game and I'm excited to see their progress. WELL WORTH THE PLAY

I had such a fun time streaming this game! Not only is the artwork beautiful, the humor is very tongue in cheek puntastic. The devs were kind enough to stop by and were such a fun group to interact with. I highly recommend playing this and trying to get 100% of the dialogue—I got 94%. (Yes that is a brag). Excited to see more from MiniBunnies!

here is a casual playthrough for anyone wanting to get an idea of the game :)

I'd love to stream your game! If you're interested, feel free to email me at for more information. (sorry to comment, I didn't see a way to privately message you.)

Hi I'd like to stream your game! If you're interested and okay with that please email me at :) (sorry to comment, but I couldn't find a way to privately message you)

Such a fun game! It was a little difficult at times but it's really professionally done with unique game play. It's also very cute and a bit goofy in the best of ways. Thanks for letting me play!

Glitch loop had very cute animations (especially loved the cartwheel) and a unique gameplay. The puzzles were challenging but not impossible and I really enjoyed playing it. Thank you for making!

Why is the robot eating food? I don't care, it's hella cute. Only feedback is to make it more obvious visually when the bot takes damage. The art and music is adorable and well suited!

This was one of my viewers' favorite game! It's a very cute concept and I like the simplistic art work. I also like the element of strategy required when setting the red plane loops. Thank you for making!

I really liked this game! The people flying off were hilarious and it's difficult to catch them adding intrigue to the gameplay. The graphics were also really cute and I liked the art. Great job :)

The game is very well done and I like the added concept of the indicator lights at the top. I agree that space bar or the up arrow would help for jumping. I also think jumping on enemies should kill them but that's due to my terrible aim.

I like the concept and I think the shadow idea is really slick. It may just be me but I don't know if 5 seconds is enough to defuse. Cute little game!

These puzzles are super well done and the concept of the looping green frog was really clever, I enjoyed playing.

This is a hilarious concept and the art really fits the vibe. Would love to see some bumpin music added so Bjorn could really dance.

I was attempting to stream this but the audio was messing with my mic so I had to cut it short--so sorry. I think it's a very cute concept and clever game play. Keep up the good work!

This is such a cute and fun little game! It's one of those games where the time crunch is a good sort of stressful. Love the music and the coding inside jokes are hilarious. I am a fan, thank you for making!

I had an issue when attempting flight within the first part of the game where I kept flying up and up. I also finished the demo in under 2 minutes--is that normal? I have videos I can send if you'd like, tysm!

I'm having issues even downloading the 7z file format. My default wants to open it with Microsoft edge, but all it pulls up is a blank tab. Online it's saying I need to download something like WinZip to open the file, however I would rather not. Is there another way? Thank you!