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hey orange, was hoping to see if there's any possibility of getting a steam key? Would make things much easier keeping my programs nice and tidy + i won't keep forgetting to update my version. If no can do then that's okay, but if possible it would be greatly appreciated!

Just in case you were still needing an answer - if you had into the game files directory, inside the "www" folder you will see a "saves" folder. Just copy that and paste into the newer version's www folder. Be warned though, depending on what changed in the update you may find bugs occurring (e.g. saves from 1.0.2 played in 1.0.3 will cause the crow mauler to stop spawning outside of trying to save despite the "terrifying presence" messages appearing - although some people may actually prefer that!).

If you're having odd occurrences or crashes, you may want to consider starting a new game and/or deleting those saves. If you decide to report them, please remember to specify that you're using an older save file - this is considered a courtesy to game developers as it saves them from "chasing their own tail" trying to fix the problem ;) .

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Hi orange,

Congrats on the release of Fear and Hunger. Wanted to give a quick bug report forr V1.0.3. After beating a particular enemy in the room (image) shown below, then attempting to enter the escape menu, the following "Failed to load: img/pictures/_1.png" error appears. Clicking retry will show a loading bar, which promptly returns you to this screen, making this a soft-lock. I've been able to replicate it a few times, so am confident in saying it is consistent between play-throughs. EDIT: on further investigation, it only occurs when the blood golem was summoned mid-fight; is it not being removed from the party at the end of the fight?

On a side-note, am loving the game, but found it very frustrating to complete the task needed to fight the particular enemy that appears in this room (being coy to avoid spoilers). As it is based on having certain party members with you, and I had a party of four prior to entering the area, I found myself having to clear out a party member to make room. This took over three hours purely because I had killed all but two very weak enemies (including the hydra), and had no circles for sacrificing another party member at that point. If possible could I suggest adding another way to remove a character from the party for cases where there's literally nothing left to cull them off with? Perhaps an item like a sacrificial knife, or even just something added to the above area/s, maybe pushing them into the center of this room? It would certainly fit with the area's theme after all!

Hoping to see the updates continue to roll out - really enjoying the narratives so far!