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It's beautiful, astonishing, breathtaking and awe inspiring.

Thanks :)

Thank you! In case you didn't already know about it there is a ground pound when you press "S" in the air, that's probably useful for level 4 :D

Thank you :D

Thanks :)

I think I beat the game! Very fun :)


The thumbnail looks like the amazon prime logo

A certified gamedev masterpiece 


thanks :)

Yeah sorry about that, I did make a mini map to help out with that though :D

"the yellow cars crash into the player mercilessly" Is both a pro and a con?  I'll take it!

Yeah I was thinking about making the camera better but I felt like it kind of gave a fast paced vibe so that's why I made the mini map.

Glad someone got the reference XD 

Thank you :)

Thanks :)

Yeah I should have made it more visible :) 

Woah, a lot of people are saying that they find it really difficult, you must have a good gaming chair :D

Why thank you :)

Thanks for the feedback!

It's not loading for me ):

Yeah I think I could have explained how to play better, the green sphere is where you need to go to win. I'll check out your submission right now :D


Just beat it, really fun game!

This is a certified gamedev classic

oh okay, cool!

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Just bought it, it looks great! I highly recommend buying this, it's only a dollar after all!

btw, what's the Auto folder? I understand the normal and the variant, but I don't get what auto does 

no problem :)

Hey! I'm from the discord server, overall I think it's a good game for 7-10 days. Here are some things I think you should change/things to do better next time :) 

1: The player animations look sped up

2: the cutscene text could be improved

3: I like the scene transitions but they last too long (the circle thing after you die)

4:the movement, feels nice if, but why use z? Why not just use the UpArrow key instead?  (so I don't have to use 2 hands) or just add some settings to change the inputs

5: But mainly, I don't think it's that fun to play, which is the most important part (this is just my personal opinion). I think it would have been a lot more fun as a speedrunning game, trying to get the virus out in the shortest time possible, so your human doesn't have to suffer or something like that...

Anyways, well done!