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Would love to have the game run in a browser but I'm still using XNA, so that's not possible. Also, I don't think the game would control well on a phone, it's rather designed for a gamepad. If I ever made a version for mobile, I would have to simplify the controls.

This is a nifty and well executed concept, quite a little mindbender! I'm impressed this level of polish was accomplished within the constraints of a Game Jam. I agree with some of the other commenter's remarks about immediate restarts, unskippable screen transitions and level introductions, and inconsistent (automatic) placement of tiles. And indeed, highlighting the currently active tile would be nice. But apart from these rather small criticisms, I really enjoyed my playthrough. Especially loved the nods to other games and when the game would suddenly leave the usual puzzle pattern. Would love to see a more fleshed out version of this, maybe even with some actual platforming. Cool game, keep up the great work!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it! If there's anything you think could be improved, just let me know!

It's great to hear that you enjoyed replaying the mine shaft! Actually, they're supposed to be played several times because there are so many gems and seals in them you can't possibly collect all of them in one go. You might also notice how yellow gems are better collected when falling while blue gems are easier to grab while wallrunning. Once you reach the Shrine at the end of the chapter, you'll also unlock time trials and boost barrels in the mine shafts! Let me know how you like the rest of the chapter!

Thank you so much for playing my game and providing feedback, much appreciated! I'm glad that you enjoyed it and that the controls feel right to you.

Regarding your comments:

  • Toning down some of the sound FX as well as the torch flickering in the vaults are already on my tasklist.
  • True, the award notification can be missed easily depending on what the player is doing while it pops up. I'm not certain how to tackle a better indication of new abilities yet. Actually, I like the reduced HUD and given the amount of skills you can unlock, I wouldn't like to clutter up the HUD with skill icons. Have to think more about this one.
  • The ability to jump after dropping from a ceiling run is intended and not a bug. It's actually mentioned in one of the tutorial messages but these can obviously be missed, too. The ceiling run is one of the central mechanics of the game and many level sections are designed around it, which becomes more prominent later in Chapter 1. There are rooms where you can switch between different parts of the ceiling and never have to touch the ground, which is even required in a time trial and one of the bug races. You probably haven't played that far, the demo might be too lengthy I fear.

Again, thank you very much, this is really helpful feedback that's provided me some food for thought!

Tried and failed again, this time on level 8 and without hitting the ESC key. Might have to resort to cheating after all! :D

I understand, it was just time for you to move on. It can be hard to keep oneself motivated when a project takes so long. But again, if it was just a practice project for you, I find it even more impressive! Can't wait to see what you create when you're done practicing!

Regarding the music, thanks, glad that you like it! My offer stands, let's talk again when your new project is ready.

Changing the file names would be cheating! Nah, I'll beat your game the honest way. :)

Hi mayonnace! I really like your game, it just oozes with style! Only finished 6 levels, then I hit the ESC key thinking it would pause the game. Should have payed more attention to the readme. :(

Here's what I liked:

  • simple but stylish graphics with nice effects like the distortion on the playfield or the electric shocks
  • sound effects sound great and fit the visual style perfectly
  • angled HUD perspective looks cool
  • interesting special bricks like explosives and electric shock
  • possibility to create own levels is great (haven't tried it myself yet, though)

What could be improved:

  • control over the ball or the angle it gets deflected feels very random at times. I would like to have more ways to influence the direction the ball is going via movement of the paddle. It took me very long to finish level 6 because I couldn't manage to get the ball into the corners and didn't have any other means to clear the bricks, which brings me to the next point...
  • lack of powerups. The gameplay would be more interesting if you could collect and use powerups (as seen in other brick breaking games), e.g. multi-ball, shooting paddle, growing/shrinking paddle etc.
  • repetitive sound fx. As much as I like the sound fx, they could use some variations, especially the one when hitting a brick as you hear it all the time. I usually add slight pitch variations to sound fx that are repeated often so they don't sound exactly the same every time they're played.
  • lack of music. I imagine some electronic beats (e.g. like this:

) would contribute to the atmosphere and tension. Let me know if you would like to use this or any of the other electro tracks on my channel, I would happily provide it for free. :)

Other than that, it's a very impressive and enjoyable debut game and I'm looking foward to seeing more games developed by you!

Hey Skull,

good job, this was fun! Love the minimalistic retro design and difficulty. Really great music and platforms moving to the beat of the music is a nice touch, too. If you had provided a weapon, I would have kicked your skelly butt on Stage 10! ;)

Some criticism:

  • ESC leaves the game instead of pausing it! Too bad I realized this when I was on Stage 8 already. :(
  • Jumping could use some Coyote Time, i.e. the ability to perform a jump shortly after walking off a ledge/platform (within a short time frame)
  • After a jump, there's a time frame when no new jump can be performed immediately. I often landed on a platform trying to jump again right away but it wouldn't work. Could feel more responsive.
  • Starting a level only to die right away doesn't feel fair. (e.g. Stage 8) On Stage 5, you can die over and over again on respawn because the cat keeps shooting. I think a Get Ready prompt players need to confirm while they can see the level and its hazards could be a solution, or maybe safe respawn points?
  • Hitboxes could be a little more "generous". Spikes kill you without any pixel of the mouse actually touching the spike (most noticable when you approach it sideways)! Again, doesn't feel fair. I usually try to make hitboxes a little smaller than the graphics so there is a little leeway and players don't die of touching air.

If you're going for an authentic retro feel, you can probably disregard my feedback regarding the controls, because your game truly feels like a game from back then. I just think it could feel better and be even more fun than it is already.

While it may be gluten free, which is appreciated, I have to warn about increased blood pressure and high adrenaline levels while consuming your product, though! ;)

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