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The levels were slightly different from the playtest the last week, so that tripped me up and made it exciting to play through again. Great stuff guys, keep it up! Gonna check back in a few days and see if anyone dares challenge my leaderboard supremacy.

very cute snakes

I don't like the deer

The cutting dash and splitting worm idea is really cool!

Well, I am clearly biased, but very cool game!

Haha, damn you, dunno how long I rand around looking for the 6th mimic. Cool game tho, I like the hide and seek thing

I... I am sorry Dwayne

My sleep-deprived brain cannot keep up with this fast-paced game, It looks damn cool tho. The music seems pretty sick butt I never get more than 20 secs of it. The async multiplayer is also a pretty cool feature! 

You've earned it

I liked the plartforming mechanics, and nice pixle art!

I had a lot of issues playing this, but the destructable zombies and movable items were pretty cool

Cute art, interesting idea with the petrified trolls you can move around

Fun game and interesting game. The mouth sounds in the BG music makes me cringe, it is great!

Great dialoge, you were not kidding about the one-liners. Fantanstic sound, great art and interesting take on the theme. Well done!

Fun game that quickly gets very difficult, i kept trying to beat my scoe, but the best i could do was day 4 11:19 am.

Neft bats plz

Fun little point-n-click-esque game, reminds me of some old pink panther game, nice art too!

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Pretty challanging, took me like six tries to complete. Great art and style!

Pretty interesting mechanic, would love to see it developed further

Really great atmosphere for a game jam game, I had some issues reading the text on the posters, but thats really my only complaint

Made me laugh way more than it should have