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You have to run out of one of the three "currencies" located in the bottom left hand corner. Basically you need to maintain the various things, otherwise you get Impeached. However, the game is definitely forgiving. =)

Thank you, glad you enjoyed the game!

Love the video and glad you enjoyed it! We hope to do more small games like this in the near future. 

That's fair, we made some balance adjustments in that direction in our last update but it seems like its still a bit easy for most players.

Scheming Weasel - by Kevin MacLeod


Update is now live!  We've 16 new Executive Orders each with several more headlines.

Alright well we were delayed on the new orders, but we just added 3x the content! 16 more new executive orders. =)

Update is coming soon, we have even been proofreading this new batch :)

We are actually working on a big batch now, keep posted for updates :)

We feel quite strongly about the brown part of a banana :)

We're glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Thanks for your comment, we are glad you enjoyed the game. We realize the content of the game is limited, as it was a simple jam game, but we have always considered coming back to it and adding more. 

We never mind!!! Thanks for playing and recording the video! As mentioned below you can download the game and add your own content. 

Thanks! We are glad to hear you liked it. You can actually create your own Executive Orders in the game since it just pulls from a spreadsheet. We will be adding instructions soon for this process. =)