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He's my malewife meow meow, 10/10

I am excited for this, thank you for translating :)

is this game still being worked on?

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This looks very cool

I'm so excited to see more yandere stuff by you! Your art style is honestly so cozy, too

I'm really looking forward to the yandere ends! Jumin from MM had a really interesting bad end, I never did play Yoosung's.

Honestly a unique and fun concept that fits in well with yanderes :)

The art is beautiful! I am looking forward to the full release :)

I played it and I would love to see more stuff from you! Do you have any plans for future games? :)

Cottagecore + yandere is a combo I did not know I needed. I am on mobile rn so I have not played the game yet, but as a cat owner, I really hope the MC's is okay D:

Exciting to play regardless! It looks to have a cozy (if unsettling) feel that few yandere VNs do

Followed! This looks promising :)

I am looking forward to everyone's creations!! Super hyped to play your games <3

no worries or pressure! I was just curious :)

Will beta builds be released for Patrons monthly or a little longer?

damon has no right to be that cute tho; great character design :)

A man who likes cats?? I am going to choose to ignore the other red flags. Aside from the ones I am into.

Hyped for further chapters!! <3

2023's yandere jam has seriously already made this a great year

vincenzo, my beloved

super hyped and appreciate that I can play as a girl!

Can you do anything with any of the male NPCs pictured in the banner picture? Or will you be able to? As a straight woman, it is hard to find games like this with attractive male LIs

For sure! Even if it was paid DLC, I would def still play :)

Looking forward to more! Best of luck :)

Will there ever be a Jordan route? I love his design!

I can already tell this is gonna be good; erotic horror for the win :D

This game looks so cute and I love the premise! I was wondering if there was/will be any sort of romance or sapphic content (like there was in War of the Lilies)?

Is there any romance/routes in this game? That's the thing that would really sell it for me bc I love the art and premise :')

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The character art for this game is so cute and I love them all,, very excited for this game! I hope to see more of it <3

Edit to add: I love Fone so much, and really appreciated his cat being in the CG :')

One of my favorite yandere games; I really enjoyed Florence's character :)

A new Mr Fishess game? Oh hell yeah. Btw, everything about this game seems beautiful; buying it rn B)

I am eagerly awaiting more news bc this game is gorgeous and I love it :')


I am hyped to see what you come up with! Best of luck <3

I love the fox ears! Looking forward to the continuation of this game. :)

I absolutely love this concept and the art! Very excited to hopefully support this game in the future <3

Best of luck, dev!

I am very excited! :)

That is so much sooner than I expected, thank you! I will be looking forward to it. :)

I am hyped for this! More yandere games are always welcome. Any idea on release date? :D