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Congratulations! You are gorgeous. I did not know the details of a Chinese wedding ceremony, and so, thank you for sharing with us :)

Also, wishing your grandpa healthy and happy years, and you a healthy and happy marriage! <3

looking forward to it <3

I am also really hoping for this!!

The bonus pic is so cute! :D

I am so excited for this game!! I have never joined a Patreon before, but I may have to for this one; it has all the elements I want, and I don't want the devs to give up on such a promising game :')

breeding + yandere themes? i am hyped :D

Can you play as a girl in this one? I'm super excited for this btw!! :D

thank you for this! a lot of h-games with female protagonists either have only yuri love interests or ugly bastards. when I get the chance, I hope to be able to support this game :)

As one of the Matt enjoyers, I just want to say that he is my favorite. A lot of times, when playing as a female protag in h-games, the player either has yuri content or ugly bastard-type stuff. And while no shaming here, I'm not into either; having Matt as an option is really refreshing for me :)

The idea of being able to play as a villain sounds fun!

Looking forward to this game! Love the art and turn-based aspect, as well as the girl with the ponytail's design :)

Horror + otome is one of my favorite genres

thank you! I'm just glad to have the option to play as a female protag :)

How much playtime is there as the female protag?

I love the art! Really looking forward to the eventual male romance options, as a straight woman, there are far too few games that let you play as a female protag like this. Do all of the female interests have the futa option?

Caspian seems super cute

Thank you! Really looking forward to Gray :')

Hi, how many routes  have been completed in Tailor Tales Plus? :)

Thank you for your concern, but my dad is actually super proud of me and my accomplishments. I’m not sure why you’re so angry—I’m going to assume you’re a troll—but as to not clutter the dev’s email any further (assuming they get notifications from this thread), I think it’s best we end this conversation here.

For anyone else who likes family and combat in video games (since I got some likes), here are some (SFW) recommendations: Agarest Generations of War, Rune Factory, and the Conception series :)

I really appreciate that you can play as a female character :)

it really isn't that weird. I think building a family in videogames is just a cute and wholesome mechanic, something I don't have the money to do rn irl. But given by your comment history, you kink-shame quite a bit, and so perhaps you should try to be a more empathetic person :/

This game looks super cool! I loved Princess & Conquest, and really want to buy and support this game. Will there be a pregnancy system, similar to Princess & Conquest? That was one of my favorite parts about that game. :')

I love playing from the wife's perspective. I hope things like pregnancy will be added :')

I love this series; there are too little H-games for women, so thank you. I hope I will be able to buy this one soon :)

This game looks super cute. I hope to be able to play it when I have the funds! :D

This game is so good! Everything about it was enjoyable, I love the tender feelings and the color palette, and the fish boy was super loveable! Looking forward to the next project. There's not enough H-games for girls tbh.

why are you so hateful? they are clearly a team that is working passionately to create projects that have beautiful art and themes. I just don't understand why you'd want to discourage that.

I love Leon. I was so sad when I reached the end of the demo :((

Tbh the only thing I'm sad about is that, as a girl gamer, there's not a female protagonist. But I also understand that there's a lot of high-quality art in the game, and it would be difficult to add that in. Excited for the final release, regardless <3

Super hyped for the next update! I normally don't buy games until they are out of development, but this one is super charming and has cute characters! :)

Can I date Konrad or is it only GxG romance (since a lot of h-games with female protags are)

More spicy dating sims! I’ll be sure to follow you so that I’m emailed whenever you do decide to post next. :D

I reloaded the save (btw when I downloaded the new version yesterday, I just started a fresh save and ctrl skipped through things I'd already read), and it seems as though I was about to promote. Funds were fine and everything. I know that the next kin isn't loaded in yet, just sucks about not being able to finish Sevros' route

On the start of Day 15, I get an error that reads this:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/script/game_loop.rpy", line 7, in script call

    call management_screen from _call_management_screen

  File "game/script/game_loop.rpy", line 27, in script call

    call inside_the_room

  File "game/script/Scenes/daily.rpy", line 242, in script call

    call check_gameover from _call_check_gameover

  File "game/script/game_loop.rpy", line 7, in script call

    call management_screen from _call_management_screen

  File "game/script/game_loop.rpy", line 27, in script call

    call inside_the_room

I'm not sure if it matters at all, but I have finished Sevros' 3rd heart event and haven't unlocked the 4th, and also got the dialogue where he says he doesn't care what the lighting is (btw, the added touch with how dragon eyes process things was cool). I already have his temp all the way up, proper food, proper rooming.

yes! I picked true love at first, and though I am kinda salty JFK wanted to get in my way, also felt a little bad when he, like, you know. Died when I picked America. Do you think you'd ever make another game similar to this? :)

It's not against Islam, there is even a scene in this where an Islamic woman is talking about how fulfilling her religion is. Islam and ISIS are not one and the same. You can be Islamic and not agree with ISIS.

(3 edits)

This game is so well-written, with lines like, "Everyone laughs, which is super sad. I always feel bad for unpopular people. I can’t imagine how hard their lives must be, because I can’t relate at all."

And, "My parents were loving, salt-of-the-Earth types. They taught me all about hard work, loving America, and hating the blacks and queers and evil terrorists who were trying to take democracy away from us."

I hope that there can be more Elodie stories because she is super funny

Edit (major spoilers): damn I just finished it... never mind then. F for JFK. You definitely need to make more games tho, your writing is funny as hell

No problem! I understand that there will be issues that pop up here and there. Outta curiosity though, how long  until the update?

Ahh, I can't wait for the full release and how Jack is gonna react to the new roommate :D

Hi, so I just purchased the game and am loving the dragon guy, but when I'm on the scene where he takes off his shirt, my game crashes and I get an error accompanied by a notepad :(

Here is part of the message: 

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code:

  File "game/script.rpy", line 14, in script call

    call management_screen from _call_management_screen

  File "game/script.rpy", line 292, in script call

    call check_gameover from _call_check_gameover

Please help! I'm really loving the game and the characters especially

I also get restless when I watch too much TV, lol. It's odd having depression and anxiety, because you simultaneously want to do lots and nothing, all at once. I totally understand wanting to have your focus somewhere else. Honestly, I think it's pretty impressive that you're so dedicated. As long as you're keeping yourself healthy! :)

(Btw I'm also a coffee fiend, it's how I get through most of my college load. If you like somewhat bitter coffee, getting a cold brew with a shot of espresso has always been my go-to!)

Best of luck, my friend from across the pond!