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Octo Volzar

A member registered Jul 25, 2019

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I have contacted support and they provided me the download link for the game. I apologize for any eventual inconvenience and for the late reply (they took the entire weekend to answer my e-mail). Also, thanks for the help and your attention. As a big fan of Megaman and other old-school platformers, I'll certainly enjoy playing your game. Thanks again ;)

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I already read this link. Maybe I'll have to contact the support of 'cause it's the only thing I can do now. Thanks for the help anyway.

It still tells me to buy it, and it doesn't appear in my purchases page. This screenshot was taken after I bought the game a few minutes ago, and when I click the "Buy Now" button, it still takes me to the payment links. I also didn't receive any download links via e-mail.

I've just bought the game, but I can't find any download links. Can you send me the game files or a download link, please? Thanks in advance.

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Hello. Suddenly the game turned out to work for me.

My Windows 10 suffered a big update between yesterday and today. Maybe my Windows have downloaded some component that was missing for the game to run normally.

Now it is time to play and enjoy your game. I'm a big fan of Megaman, so I'll certainly have a lot of fun playing Hyper HD. Thank you so much for all of your help. 👍🏻

Edit: I discovered the actual problem while testing the game: While my USB joystick is plugged onto my laptop, the game won't open, and when I plug my joystick while the game is running, the game crashes. My joystick is a common USB joystick; maybe I'll be able to solve this issue when I get a new Xbox 360 or Xbox One controller. Thanks again.

Yes, I already tried to run the game as an Administrator. I also tried to install all .NET, Visual C++, Visual Studio, XNA and MonoGame libraries available in the web, but the problem persisted. The same goes for running the game in all compatibility modes available in Windows 10. Yesterday, I spent all the day searching for a solution for this, but only found many other people reporting the same issue with other games made with MonoGame and XNA, and again, no way to solve it.

What specifications are exactly needed? I have no idea what could be stopping the game from running on my system, since it doesn't prompt me with any error dialogs; it simply shows the loading icon beside my mouse cursor, and then, nothing more happens.

Thank you very much for your attention.

This game does not open on my laptop with Windows 10 64-bit. I bought the game today, and after unzipping it, I double-click on "Hyper HD.exe" and absolutely nothing happens on my screen. Did I miss something so the game works for me? Thanks in advance.

(Sorry for commenting this here, but I couldn't find any other channel to contact the dev and report this issue.)