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Sure ! I’d be really happy to help you beta test the game!

It’s been a while since the last patch note I was wondering: Is the game still being worked on ?

I wish there were an option to disable or at least tone down the white flashes when taking damages.

I don’t know if the game is still worked on since it’s been a few years since the last monthly update, but I can’t get passed the loading screen, it loads infinitely does anyone has a solution ?

I know you. I know what you were, what you are. People don’t change. You’re Kartin’ Jimmy! And Kartin’ Jimmy I can handle just fine but Kartin’ Jimmy with a red shell is like Funky Kong with a machine gun!

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I love the concept ! (I was a bit on the edge today and it genuinely helped) However I don’t know if it’s normal (probably not) but I had a ~10 seconds delay which kinda defeats the purpouse of the game.

I suppose you are using the itch launcher, go to the folder in wihch the files were downloaded, go into either win32 or win64 and launch “Hex Blade.exe” (the same happened to me)