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hello everyone!

I played the game and im loving it but there are some things that im having some difficulties with, i tried to build a city today playing ex novo but i have some doubts regarding how to work with power, resources and factions. At the start of the game my city had two factions and a single resource, during the second or third development phase the city lost its resource and then no faction had power, some time after one of the factions was eliminated. a new resource appeared and the remaining faction acquired both of its power tokens. the stranglehold over the single city resource didnt lasted long as just after acquiring absolute control over it the resource also was depleted and then the faction was again powerless. i then rolled 225 on the dice, an event where a faction should gain power but then i thought, "which power?", there are no resources in my city, no power tokens in play, and the last remaining faction has no rivals and can be eliminated any time now. so my questions are:

how do i give power to a faction since there are no resources to be controlled?should i just use use one from the pool and count it as "non material power" like customs or faith?

what should i do when i need to remove power from a faction but theres no faction remaining in the city?

should i add resources or factions as i see fit sometimes, outright ignoring some of the events effects if theres no way to implement them given the circunstances?

what should i do if i need to remove a resource and the city has none?