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I'm not sure what you mean. I made the entire game during this game jam.

Looks cool, but i am stuck at the part where you need to sacrifice a samurai, I'm not sure it sacrifices one, but it definitely does not progress past that

How do you go through doors? i'm stuck at the first level

how do you download? do you have to get the github?

incase you didn't see it in the game description, my Discord username is urfaveginger(james o)

Awesome game, only thing wrong is the controls can be a little wonky, i can't move to specific spaces until i move again. A nie addition would be waypoints, it sucks having to go through all the previous challenges in a level when you die at the last one!

As for the shield collision, the original space invaders ended the game when the invaders made it to the shields, so I did the same, but, Bug Alert, I loaded the wrong scene! My Bad.

Oh no! I accidentally built it with ONE MILLION starting cash! Bug Alert!