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Looks good! Keep up the good work :) I am also a huge fan of Doctor Who and even sing the theme song

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wowzeuuuurrsss a gaem warz le furst uon

Oh and I never listen to the phone calls most of the time lol

Can you add a jumpscare feature in extras?


No secret eight night, right?

Ohhhhhh......... okay thanks

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Well ok. Maybe you can.But its so good

Oh k

I also want to know who is the mysterious character???

Hey MeIzAwezomeDed I can go fullscreen in Scratch you know

Pls create 2 i beg you..................

hey another vulgarity what on earth is wrong with you guys?!

Wait you posted that again isnt that enough???

I get angrier for every vulgarity you say

Its a very good fangame with a perspective like Slender Man: The Eight Pages

Wait, you never heard of Joy of Creation???

Wait does Disney support this?

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I will hug a moose

me too

very interesting i like it pls release full game :D