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A member registered Dec 19, 2017

Recent community posts

need some features like choping wood, huntng animals, forging, farming, and add village.

 And please add stars and clouds...

oh thank god this game is still alive...

P.S. : need some optimization

why many people always asking about verify their account? If want to make an account  they must be have Email or Gmail rigth?

Is this game still alive?

looks intresting can i play it on my 32bit computer?

Can it run in 32bit computer??

Replied to OcGuy1 in Survius comments

can i run this game on 2gb ram computer??

oh somebody pls help. The game crashes again every time i play it for 30 minuets.

Posted in Strive comments

i tough it can handle my PC 32bit procesor...

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this game looks very nice, smooth, and light.

dis cool gaem is so scary! 

cool n good game.

Replied to OcGuy1 in Survius comments

And Horrible LAG too.

Bug report: I have a problem, every 30 minuets the game always freezes. Can someone help me?

Thank you for your reply zlpPeDy.

I always found those chopper near the mountain. But can you tell me where I can find the military islands?

To update it we need to download the newest files, The problem is the file are too heavy. For the future update can we update it on the launcher?

64 or 32 bit?

Replied to OcGuy1 in Survius comments

And i found a helicopter fly above me. A chinook helicopter with a loud sound engine.

can someone tell me how to shoot using the shotgun?

Replied to bbokka in Survius comments

its server restart always happens every time you dissconeeted from the server  . and are you still remember me my nickname is mr. ocelot.

wow the update is very vast. from v0.9.6-v0.9.8. anything new in v0.9.8?

how long I need to wait until all loot in the game refill again?

anything new in v0.9.6?

O BOI this game looks very scary. I like it :)

i found a christmas hat and i like it :)

can someone tell me how to get a wood?

looks cool. Just need to improve the graphics.