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A member registered Dec 19, 2017

Recent community posts

this is better than GTA.

good game but this game seems need some optimization because my game lag very hard. so what is the recommended system requritments to play this game?

This game also very dank. I hope this game would be a nice memes that could attract more people playing.

who need Dead by Daylight or Resident Evil 7 when you had something like this?

This game is better than them. It's low poly and capable to run on any toaster you will find. 5 stars rating!

So... what happened to Moxie's Mother is pretty horrible. RIP her business.

I love the Character's haircut.

If the 5th series released, I'll be waiting for the 6th.

Just need Offline mode or Campaing I guess. Or maybe Zombies.

I love the details of the game.

Cool! Will this game turn into survival game, i mean food, water, Hunger bar?


Now I begin to understand the storyline...

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Release it on Steam. Wondering what would happen If you do that..


Hmm... I still confused

Will this series launched to steam?

this game is very neat and adorable.

I just get confused after playing this game and it's series... My question is Treat is male or female wolf?

sorry for asking this question. I can delete it if you want to.

Adorable same like other series.

HMM... seems legit.

This is like SCP but in low poly specs and guns cool game!

This game is much scarier than Baldi's Basic In Education N Lerning.

BTW the Slonderman is a nice name!

This cool game reminds me of The Thing 2011 or the 1980s version.

I hope this game could able to run on 32bit PC someday .

BTW this game is very cool.

Cool game! 

Kim Jong Un like this game. Nuke!!!

Capable to run on a toaster! 

Cool game, neat and simple.

It's just takes less than 2gb, Nice and cute pixels graphic, Satisfying and relaxing.

5 stars given.

This great MMO war game just need some optimization.

At least more than 3. But if you had good processor or GPU the FPS maybe could be better.

I play on 4gb and the FPS still 30

need some features like choping wood, huntng animals, forging, farming, and add village.

 And please add stars and clouds...

oh thank god this game is still alive...

P.S. : need some optimization

why many people always asking about verify their account? If want to make an account  they must be have Email or Gmail rigth?

Is this game still alive?

looks intresting can i play it on my 32bit computer?

Can it run in 32bit computer??

can i run this game on 2gb ram computer??

oh somebody pls help. The game crashes again every time i play it for 30 minuets.

i tough it can handle my PC 32bit procesor...

this game looks very nice, smooth, and light.

dis cool gaem is so scary! 

cool n good game.

And Horrible LAG too.

Bug report: I have a problem, every 30 minuets the game always freezes. Can someone help me?

Thank you for your reply zlpPeDy.

I always found those chopper near the mountain. But can you tell me where I can find the military islands?