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this is goated, thanks for sharing 

fixed it, had to manually rebind it by enter through the inventory, for whatever reason G doesn't work

Awesome mod
one issue though I couldn't use the grenade, is it still WIP or I forgor to bind some key?

This game really scratch the high speed mech combat itch that AC offers, this one specially reminds me the closest to VD. I'm just wondering if there will be any plan for a certain type of heavy weaponries that allows pilots to aim manually (requires no lock on to hit a precise target) that might involve scope/zoom in feature?  Would be pretty neat.

wooo cockpit view!

ravens, we're home


Is there's something akin to UNAC being planned in this game?
hamracesonly mode is rad but dealing with more of 2 of them at once is borderline impossible, having AI assistant would definitely be handy. 

Armored Core 6 is real 

"It's morbing time!"

She wear no pant? And got a gun. Aight I'm in 

l a m p

the game itself probably the spoiler for shrek 5

I approve!

Me: being sneaky by crouching

Monsters: That's beyond science

sadly I used the glowstick to lit up another room and I don't have any back up, now I learn that glowstick is important items

that thing gave me nightmare

Love the game! I like the concept of this game, but there's a thing that bother me and scared me of the most... there's no door anywhere except the barbed wire gate. 

There's one thing that scared me out of the most other than monster or the creepy atmosphere, it's whenever the monster hit me and I lost my flashlight. Is there's any way to get it back since the whole map is mostly pitch black and sometimes the monster spawned right behind me.

anyway epic game, it's reminds me of F.E.A.R. 

Forum might be helpful ->

Survius community · Created a new topic Ok this is epic

waiting about a half hour to download the new version, amazing new update guys, keep it up! oh yeah it's epic!

the perfect sequel doesn't exi-

The new update is coming bois!

this like the sequels of resurgent 

legit 10/10

looking at ur comment about validating the email make me laugh 

XD *ecks deeee*

yey new version, gonna try it on my potatoe PC...

yey... ( :D



I managed to play this game on:

Intel Pentium CPU and Intel HD Graphic supported with 4gb of RAM. not bad.

ok good game, rich of story, hard, zombie and nuclear apocalypse, c o l d w a r, soviet, US, and sad ending. pretty good game to be released on steam. But I think the background need to be fixed, I mean look at those building very high and tall. Need some variety on the background building.

it's gonna be lit I guess


for ppl who asking " can you validate my account?" pls go to your email and look for new verification messages and if you don't find any then go to spam section to find it. I'm very sad seen so many asking for validation. 

The ending is very dissapointing ;-; 

it's like "The War of Mine" but in 8bit. Legit!

"my fucking leg is gone"

100/10 it would be hard.

im dead...


Before I was able playing this game I had problem to launch the game (crashes because my PC is potato) so to optimize the game you just need to open properties of the game then click compability... then set the games to 640x480 resolution. The game will run smoothly on your potato PC. :D