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They are 16x16 default size! I haven't tried them in GBStudio honestly but not a problem using them in there if it works

Not anytime soon but that's something I should do later...

Yep! Slowly but I have ideas for future packs too!

OK, the file should be updated, hopefully this is all fixed!

Thank you, I'll check them out! I probably was thinking about VX / MV and forgot how RM2k3 does things so I'll go back and fix those up!

I want to eventually, but MZ is going to be first!

I do want to, I've been a bit busy as of late but yeah I definitely want to make other faces that can be used in any engine too! It's on my eventual to do list!

Yay I'm glad you like them! Yeah, I hope to make some more in the future as well.... after I finish pokemoning.....

No worries! Yeah if you would like to recolor it for your projects use, I'm cool with that! Go go go, would like to see how that turns out!

Yay thank you! I do hope to update this more in the future too!

Oh I might not have set the transparency correctly, give me a bit and I'll get on that!

Thanks for that! And yeah, I was considering making these in gameboy style to fit for nostalgia set as well.

They are static sprites for these, no animation.

I've not played it but it does look pretty neat! 

No not yet, it's something I hope I can do in the future! I've been busy with game projects at the moment so when that's done I'll post that here! :D

Thank you for the support! Sure, everyone has different styles that they want to use for their projects!

OK, hopefully it should have uploaded! Sorry for the delay, I wanted to get the colors from each file type so you have the individual monster colors and so on. I hope this helps!

That sounds like a good idea! I'll work on it and let you know when I have that done. Thank you!