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Oceanic Yearnings

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The art is gorgeous! The borders reflecting each characters' personality was a really nice touch too!

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Who wants to make a bunch of small, bite-sized flashfic-esque IF stories! Things that are less game and more "tiny microfics with wiggly bits" - I figure other people who are low on time but still want to participate might want to join along with me!

I'm thinking tiny little 300 - 2000 word micro-IFs riffing on the theme of growth - smol things, juiced up with whatever interactivity we can find time for. And whenever we're done with our small pieces, we can exchange them with each other to play through. Nothing too ambitious - just short, simple flashfic IF for anybody who wants to get their feet wet but are intimidated by the idea of jumping into a fully-fledged jam project.

I'll be working mostly in Ink - I've spent a lot of time helping people out with Ink debugging (though not that much time working on my own stuff). I also have a rudimentary grasp of hooking Ink into Unity as middleware.  Anybody who wants to join along with me is more than welcome to use whatever they want to use, though!

Here's one or two examples of what I was thinking of - really tiny pieces that can be churned out in no time, that we can exchange with each other and play with very little time commitment :)

We can feed each other prompts related to the jam theme, and encourage each other to work on something smol every few days while this jam is ongoing, and then we can stuff all the stuff we've made into a box, host it on itch, and hopefully feel good about it!

this game is a good reason to live :)