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Ocean Wolf

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So that's why it took so long. Our twinky boys are next!
I would like to thank you in advance for the good food you'll be serving us.

Thank you for reassuring us and for your hard work! Good Luck!

Okay, thanks again for your time and answer!

Oh, okay I see. Not my cup of tea, but that doesn't mean that the rest of the content isn't good. On the contrary, you have done a great work.

That's what I wanna know too. Is the MC exclusively a bottom, or will there be opportunities to top some other characters?

(personally I like topping bigger dudes)

Excuse me, but what does that tag mean?

We appreciate all the things you are doing. There's no rush, just take your time, and remember to take care of yourself too.

Big love from your fans!

This is so cute!

*Faints in Brazilian*

Yes, this is spoilers, but the routes are interconnected, and break the laws of space and time.

Finishing one route will open up new options and scenes in another one, and if I remember, maybe even in the same route itself.

As if Luke is a being from outside of that world's space-time spectrum, which is also part of my big theory. And yeah, maybe Alon too... How does he talk to you when you're dead in that dark place?

Thanks again for elaborating!
And yes, my bad. I haven't  finished Tai's route yet.
And again, sorry for bothering you.

Ah, I see. Sorry that I can't help you. I don't know much when it comes to phones.

I know this is late, but does this happen to you with other games made with Ren'py? If you're using a very old computer (or more specifically a laptop) it might be the problem.

Thank you for taking the time to answer me!
It's exciting to know what you have planned for the story. I also liked how you made each route kinda "versatile", we get to bottom, then get our final prize by topping. No one will feel left out this way.
Oh, and that introduction rework you're making is already fantastic! At first I kinda liked the original one from "The Village That Never Sleeps", but this new one is the best!

One last question, and you don't have to answer it if you don't want to or don't have the time: Will we be able to date/fool around with characters like Jay? I kinda wanted to "get my dick wet" (with somebody's maw around it) in the strip club in Tai's route.

Sincerely, your sex gourmet of a fan.

[Some Minor Spoilers Ahead!]

I know that the Poly route is not finished yet, but I wanted to try it.
While I expected to get a Fuzzy Foxhole or some Chunky Cheetah Cheeks, what I got instead was a Double Serving of Shark Sushi Sausages.

Like, dude, how did Adrian get both appendages fully up his butt? It's not like he has much experience, I think?

Anyway, this isn't a ranting comment. I just wanted to say that I was kinda shocked? Also, the cg that is shown in the other routes when Russell is introduced has him designed better than his sprite, at least in my opinion. The sprite's design kinda makes him look more like a dolphin, while in the cg, it's clearer that he's a shark.

And as always, keep up the good work! You've done amazingly, and I wish you the best!

Sorry, but if he wins the elections it would mean he'd have to stay in the village to manage it. But if he loses, nothing will hold him back from going outside it.

Also, I have my own theory on who we should elect, but if you haven't finished to the build's end, then that might be spoilers.

Have some patience, guys! Remember that the dev also has a personal life with its fair share of problems. Unless he becomes a full-time developer, we can only wait for when he's able to work on his VN and release the builds.

You can try other VN's meanwhile. Who knows? You might find one that you missed and end up liking it too.

Hey guys! Why does the executable version still need internet connection to show images?

Indeed, story and lore come first. It is also neutral, as anyone can relate to a human. However, if the MC is defined as fox, wolf, or cat, etc... some people who prefer another species that the MC is not might feel left out.

According to the story description, they're human:

Man, I was hoping that my choices could make me top Shoichi. Though it's been more than a year and a half since I last played the VN, and I'm not sure what's been added. So this comment might be obsolete.

My thoughts too!
And what's up with the apples being the first thing he remembered? Is it related to the first sin of man? Or even to how it was depicted in Assassin's Creed (the apple of Eden) to house the secret of free will? After all, we did install free_will.exe at the start of the VN.

I was thinking that maybe this virus affecting the Y chromosome was made for population control in the pre-cascade era. If there are less males, then there will be less births. And it's not like everyone is into having multiple wives. Plus as we can see, the only way for the current species to maintain their numbers was by making drastic changes to the mating culture by coming up with the Mating Troupe thing.
Sooo, it's like shoot your load and go.

Thanks for this interesting information!

I was thinking him being a wolf. After all, if memory serves right, Luke is supposed to be a name derived from the Greek "Lycos" meaning wolf.

If that's not the case, maybe a German Shepherd then (or a Dalmatian).

To say that Max is dense is an understatement. But that is kinda cute, honestly.

I like this story itself more than the smut and I respect your decision. But I just want to ask: is it possible that you might consider adding an NSFW patch once you're all finished with the VN? Even if it has not to be free. Maybe make Cooper eventually get all lusty over Cyrus who won't be able to hold his newfound lust due to his body having changed and all (and his increased endowment ;) ). But then again, it's your call. This is merely my arrogant opinion.

Nonetheless, thank you for this amazing story and good luck!

Ideed! By the way, I hope this doesn't sound weird, but you have a cute sona.

I honestly thought your self-insert is Dandelion.

Ah yes, indeed. That's the only way. After all, this was meant to be a heavily sexual game.

In this case, might as well become a planet and let the others live on your body. There will be the great nipples, mount dick, the great butt-crack valley, the great testicle hills, the abs plateaus, and the occasional phenomenon know as the great lakes of cum.

Actually, you can become his master but you'll need to defeat him many times. I don't remember how much though. Maybe almost a dozen times?

And yes, I agree that the sizes do get a little too much. I reached almost 13 meters in height, and my male tool was about 24 meters with the "eggs" beneath it around 41 meters! That was quite insane. But then I had to have sex with a thirty or maybe fifty-something cobra?

Don't get me wrong, I liked the game very much and especially the story. But maybe it needs some balance? And I also hope we get to do something fun with Abel. Or is it already available and I didn't make the right choices to achieve that?

Nonetheless, sorry for the long tirade.

I know, and i'm not complaining about anything. But a man can dream you know, so i'll dream while it's still free XD

There are no routes, sure. But who said we need a Vulgor route to f*ck with him ;)

Who knows, maybe Caelan will end up having sex with all of the main cast. It's not like Kael is gonna spoil the story by confirming this or refuting it, so we'll have to wait and see.

Now that i read your theory, i believe it's a possibility.

Hi Xevvy, I'm here to say that you didn't disappoint me. I've played The Village That Never Sleeps all those years ago and when i heard the game's development was stopped, i felt a bit down but stayed hopeful when you said you might get back to it in the future.

And here we are, after about 6 years i guess? I really must say you've outdone yourself! I can't really put it in words, but rest assured that you have done an amazing job, both you and your team.

Good luck in finishing the game!

P.S: I honestly liked how Gravel designed Axel, he was much cuter to me (and he was my favorite). But i'm not complaining about the new design, it was just a personal remark.

Sorry, but will there be any more routes after you're finnished with the current ones? Because Davis the fox is really adorable!

I don't mean to be pushy or anything. I know that story writing and game developing are no easy feat, and the fact that the game is free is already enough.

On the side note, you're one of the best devs in my book, and you deserve all the support!

I'm sorry to hear about your situation. And honestly, i hate it when i can't do anything to help. I also have severe depression and have been suffering from it for almost a decade now, so i know how it feels (although it might be a bit different for each person), that is why i'll do the only thing i can. I'll give you a piece of advice:

First, take your medicin (if you are taking any) just as prescribed by your doctor, and don't stop taking it thinking it's not doing anything, that's a mistake i made and suffered it's consequences first hand.

Second, life and people can be mean sometimes. Don't let that pull you down! Forget about those who are bad to you and only care for those who care for you, like your boyfriend, if you love eachother then you should also find peace and emotional shelter (and more) in eachother.

Third, Hope! In your case and mine, hope is our most precious ressource. So always hope that someday, all of those hardships will be over.

(Ignore the next advice if you don't feel comfortable about religion-linked topics)

Fourth and last, remember that God is with us. I know that some people don't feel comfortable talking about religion, but i'm not going to delve into an awckward topic. Instead, i want tell you that there is an almighty, loving, compassionate, and benevolent (etc) entity we call God (or however you call it. and from my point of view, he's the creator of the existence and everything in it) that's watching over us. God does not ask anything from us, he didn't say that homosexuality is a sin, and didn't forbid sex (among other things), it's some bad apples who did that. God only wants us to be good people, purify our hearts from evil intensions, spread love and happiness, attest that our destinies and our lives are in his hands (not sold to the devil for a few cursed bucks), and be the innocent children he wanted us to be. I have faith that God doesn't like the reality of our world and will soon put everything in it's rightful place, and he will help us, you and me and every suffering innocent in the world and introduce happiness to our lives.

Sorry for the long tirade. I wish you all the best, and i hope God answers my prayers for you.

Sorry i'm a bit late to reply. However, if you speak with Leon, he'll mention that he's tired of being "sandwiched" between the others. And if you take a closer look at the photo, the fox on the right is actually Leon! So, what you need to do is to "sandwich" him between the other two, which gives you 359. Why is 3, the rabbit (or hare) first? Well, i guess because he's the famous full top around there.

As a side note, Leon is my favorite, and i think the creator made a really exceptional work even if he himself thinks the opposite.