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Really awesome puzzle game!! 

Hi!! Wanted to add a bit of advice for fellow MAC users. 

I followed the instructions on the download page but was still unable to run the game because it was saying I needed administrator permission. I went to Get Info > General: (check)Open Using Rosetta. 

and it worked! :^) Happy Guardening!!

So soothing!! Love it!! - Vince

insanely fun game!! -Vince

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Space Funeral in all of its glory. Thank you for uploading one of the greatest games of all time. 

I felt this game on a personal level. Thank you for this!!


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the much anticipated sequel!! thank you for this!! 


The graphics are simple and charming. I love the branching storyline!! This was a really fun game to play and an awesome tale!!


Really fun game!! 


Really interesting concept and the cube is cute!!


Simple game that was really fun to play. "Thanks Lunk!"


The atmosphere in this game is fantastic. Love it!! CC


This game is fun! I love the frogs.


Really fun to play! Thank you!


This game is really tender and adorable.
I love the mechanic that you have to be patient and wait for the cats eyes to close to move. The music also really makes this a calming experience.
Wonderful job! - Feli

I really enjoyed this short and delightful game. It's like the ghosts of Christmas past, but more fowl. Sometimes we are convinced that the only way we can care for others is to work hard. But more often than not, the untold remedy is a compassionate ear. 


Thank you so much we appreciate it a whole lot! And for the Pickle love too! 

Yanfly's plugins are so nice. :)

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much Swati! We are very happy you enjoyed the game. <3 We also appreciate your support thank you!

Apologies for the difficulty! I am not sure which browser you are using but I def recommend chrome without any ad blockers. Itch is a very tricky site but I will put instruction in the description soon. Thank you very much for letting us know! 

hello! we are here to help. what issues were you facing?

glad you had fun! thank you for playing our game.

This is one of my favorite games, I have shared this with my friends and we've bonded over helping this man chill out.