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Really enjoyed this, I love time prison and office settings so getting both was a real treat (especially with how it highlights The Horror Of Working In An Office). A long time ago I watched Jim Henson’s The Cube and this really reminded me of the Strange And Uncanny Vibes in that movie. 

I was about to type ‘in particular, I loved—’ but realized I’d list practically everything. The music is perfectly atmospheric, especially when it got warped (and I really liked the music box version). The art style is super expressive and fun, definitely worked well when horror elements amped up. I liked how bite-sized the loops were (in some cases, literally), and the characters made such a strong impression. I love how annoying and insufferable your companion is, would love to push him down several flights of stairs. I think my favorite bit of writing was giving the answer ‘I’m irreplaceable’ and the interviewer bringing up the scissors. I also really liked floor 4 for how well it Implied Things about the main character’s experiences, very effective backstory hints.

While playing this (by backseat gaming while my sister actually played it), we did miss ending 4 and 6 before getting ending 1, but after getting sent to the beginning with all the posters on the wall and getting the missing endings, we still weren’t able to get ending 14. I triple checked, and we definitely got them all (including the 3a/3b variations). The only potential discrepancy we didn’t follow up on was that we got the hole ending with nothing in our inventory, so we technically didn’t put anything in the hole. Of course it’s entirely possible that despite all my checking, we did, in fact, miss something obvious, but I figured I’d note this in case it was relevant. Oh, also when we clicked on the cake and selected ‘no’ for picking it up, the cake stayed on the screen while we were moving around until we clicked back and took the cake.

Great job with this one, really glad to have played it :)

much belated but glad you enjoyed it! feed

Thanks for letting me know your thoughts! Idiots to idiot lovers is a fun relationship to write :V :V

glad you liked it! ^^

Ended up figuring it out! I got tripped up because antivirus kept deleting the .exe file before I could do anything. Apparently it's fixed if you go to the security popup, under actions hit 'allow', delete the game folder and then unzip it again.

Reading this made my night! I’m really glad both you and your mom enjoyed it, thanks for sharing your thoughts :’)

Hi! I've been trying to play the game, but on Windows it keeps getting classified as malware and won't let me run it--I've been trying to find a fix, but haven't been able to so far... would you happen to know of a solution I'm missing? Thanks, and looking forward (hopefully) to playing your game!

Suz You Are So Sweet... Thank You... Thanks.......

I loved the aesthetic and the colors... it really captures that low-poly charm! The world needs more lesbian wuxia.

The music is charming! The writing is charming! The art is charming! Everything about this game is charming! Short and sweet (~20ish minutes?) and manages to get you Caring About The Characters Immediately... and the artbook is definitely worth getting!!! Thank you!!!!