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Ended up figuring it out! I got tripped up because antivirus kept deleting the .exe file before I could do anything. Apparently it's fixed if you go to the security popup, under actions hit 'allow', delete the game folder and then unzip it again.

Reading this made my night! I’m really glad both you and your mom enjoyed it, thanks for sharing your thoughts :’)

Hi! I've been trying to play the game, but on Windows it keeps getting classified as malware and won't let me run it--I've been trying to find a fix, but haven't been able to so far... would you happen to know of a solution I'm missing? Thanks, and looking forward (hopefully) to playing your game!

Suz You Are So Sweet... Thank You... Thanks.......

I loved the aesthetic and the colors... it really captures that low-poly charm! The world needs more lesbian wuxia.

The music is charming! The writing is charming! The art is charming! Everything about this game is charming! Short and sweet (~20ish minutes?) and manages to get you Caring About The Characters Immediately... and the artbook is definitely worth getting!!! Thank you!!!!