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Plz make for mobile ❣️❣️❣️❣️

plz ho rny


this was nice

remember me, yeah i still havent changed my mind lol


hope yall know i was joking lmao 3 people hated that comment lmaooo

I don’t know why but this game made me cry a little i think is because of the why it looks I don’t know but it felt toughing in a way, I loved it. this game with now be my safe places for when times are down. thank you for making this

I played on mobile and oh boy, it was so funny lmao. I love that little demon hell spawn <3

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didn’t start yet looking kind sus 😳

edit that was short yet brutal

199.8 not the best but whatever lol


irori community · Created a new topic Help plz

i’m on my laptop but don’t have a mouse need help :/

the game is not working every time i get on the screen gets smaller and smaller till i cant see it


he is perfection

not me still stuck inside the castle :)

poor cat awe


i get sexual vibes from that scientist lol


make one

i ship pico and the boyfriend

it okay i forgive you

was that to me or the other comment, cuz the game was just confusing to me? what did i do to you? thats kinda rude you know im only 14

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i love this so much qwq

if anyone i sent a present too sees this plz reply i need friends

sad no one was online so played the game with myself :_;

what is this lmao

ruined Christmas in 25 minutes and 15 seconds lmao

yes ma boy

this made me cry again i love it

oh god what did i do to the poor bird. i wish there was a another way

she is adorable

here mine

i love this game the style of it so cute