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Obsessed Illusionist

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Lovely animation! Really excited to see more of this project

I am so in love with all these character designs <3 

After a bit of lurking on the Discord, I figured I might as well show what I got by now ^^

Genre: Light horror => romcom...    Yup. The only romance in here will be between the MC and 'Killer'. Enjoy.

After a night of drunken fun, Myth is ready to get to know the girl she took home, only to find her bed empty when she returns. 
Still, she feels like she starts seeing her everywhere she goes, not knowing that the girl she picked up the night before was, in fact, a ghoul.
Oblivious, she starts trying to seek out the creature that haunts her.


Lineart by the amazing Beedrops. Coloring by myself.
This will be a Visual Novel, made in Renpy c:

This was really amazingly done, I love the animations and the art style, you did an amazing job!  

A great little intro to something bigger, I hope? One day? I'd play it anyway, its really cool.

Glad to see an official update after over half a year of silence; I did see on Twitter that you were promoting the game at PAX, so I figured the project wasn't dead, but it's still nice to see it being addressed.

Good luck with further development and life! I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Hope to see the new demo soon too (:

It does! Thanks, looking forward to playing

I was hoping to buy this game today, but it seems there's an unknown error every time I try to buy it.

I can use paypal for anything else, so I'm not sure whats the deal?