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Completely disregarding the fact that this is a short horror game with multiple endings and I did not realize that lol, this was super fun and I had an absolute blast!!! 

this game is super cool however mildly disturbing but I love games of this style!!! 

This game was so bizarre but i definitely see the potential and it did get me once or twice!!!

This game was an excellent game to play! It was really creepy, and made me jump plenty of times!
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This game is super creepy!!! Really good, but super creepy lol. I LOVE IT!!! 

I think the warm and clean art was absolutely on point and helped bring out the atmosphere

This isn't my normal go to art style, however it is one that I have always thoroughly enjoyed. Sadly, not many people go with this style any more. So, well done on this game! It was a blast! 

thank you so much! I did definitely enjoy the game!

What's up guys!? So I played Tender, got the poop scared out of me, but I had a lot of fun! 

lol this was definitely a fun short horror game 


This game was incredible! I do apologize in advanced for not finishing it, but I ran out of time and MY camera kept goofing on me. 

This is by far the best siren head I have tried! Well done, I absolutely enjoyed it! 

This game was super fun! I love Japanese horror!

this game was uber fun and the atmosphere kept me going!

I absolutely would love to play the full version. Let me know when it is up and I will give it a go!

I finally beat this game!!! It took forever to find the necessary strategy to beat it! SWEET DREAMS... or I mean, SWEET GAME

Right on!

This game was super cool! Mildly disturbing, and I will need to do another playthrough because this game is so tedious! lol 

This game was super fun! I genuinely enjoyed it! It was mildly creepy. Forewarning!


very possible

does this game have multiple endings?

This game was really fun! the controls were a little weird but that is A-OKAY. 

Sure thing!

This game was pretty incredible despite the length!

Sure thing!

This game was super cool! I literally screamed! I NEVER SCREAM! EVER But this game did it! 

I'm sure I will! It is a really fun game!

This game was super cool! It freaked me out like crazy not to mention the style and concept of the game are unique! 

This game was super cool! I am also interested in trying your other game so I may play that one soon also! 

This game is epic! I absolutely loved it! 

lol I certainly understand. It was a fantastic game though

I'm super glad to hear that! Lol my actual gameplay was smooth as butter lol. I don't know why the recording did that lol

The only issue I had, which was NOT on the developer, was that the video I made was choppy. (Please don't mind that). Aside from that the game itself was fantastic! 

this game was really fun! It actually made me scream a lil lol!

This game was shorter than I thought (I didn't read the description fully) but it was really fun. I brought both siren heads together too lol and it made things interesting.

This is one of the greatest rpg games I have ever played! Will there be another part to it? 

of course!