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This game was literally awesome! I struggled with the clock puzzle, but aside from that, this game was incredible! 

Well of course! Your game is a style that I LOVED! 

Keep up the Great work!

Great game! Can't wait for chapter 2!

This game is freaking awesome! Terrifying, but awesome nonetheless!


I am very eager for episode 2! Any idea ona release date?

I haven't played a game that has made me scream in a long time! I loved this game! Great job devs!

it was an incredible game!

this game was so great! Honestly, I wish there were more games like this. The only thing I would have done is made it a little longer. Aside from that, awesome game! 

this game was really fun! You are a psycho getting chased by a psycho with a PHD. If I mad a recommendation I'd make the game a little longer but that's it. 

This game was literally incredible! I almost flipped out of my chair playing this and I loved it! Please keep me in the loop as you release episodes of this game! 

I hope it does! I plan to get an oculus rift in the very near future!

This game was quite the experience if I do say so myself! I have never played anything quite like it and it was actually one of the best indie games I have yet played. If I did make one recommendation, this game would be excellent for VR! 

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both of the games were great. What I truly loved about the dream house was is it is so atmospheric. You can actually feel the same feeling as the developer. Well done!


This game was incredible. Especially for 2 people! Keep up the good work. You two will make it somewhere! 

This game was literally incredible, and for a DEMO no less! It got me good several times. Kinda stumped me there for a short minute finding what I needed to find, but it is one of the best indie games I have played yet! Well done! 

This game was great! It was one of the most creepy scary games I have ever played especially for a horror game! great job!

Are you cool with anyone making videos on your games?

do you mind people making let's play YouTube videos of your game