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I spent a lot of time looking into the history behind this specific game to help shine a light on what it is about. This is not just a lore video but also a gameplay video, I hope you enjoy!

Much love friends, ~Oblivisci Mortem

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I made a video of myself playing this game, (MY NAME IS IN THE TITLE!) I think you’ll find it as spooky and hilarious as I did! You can see the video here:

I hope you enjoy!



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I did a review/let’s-play of the game here:

I hope you enjoy! <3 It was a pretty good game! I hope you expand on this.



pretty sure this is the wrong game friend.

I’d like to play this for my YT channel but I can’t seem to get the download to start, even with the alternate download selected I see nothing listed in the drop down box gives to select and on pressing install it seems to cause an error because of it. If someone gets word of how to fix this or knows when the fix is given I’d be happy if they could let me know! <3

Thanks for the feedback I’ll be sure to give that a look in my next play-through!

I hope you enjoy this video which includes 3 Scary Games. (Yes this game is one of them! (It’s the third.))

Hope you enjoy and my feedback helps! ~Oblivisci Mortem

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I tried to do this game some justice, I hope it helps!


~Oblivisci Mortem