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Ok so you have four slots on each side, you will have to fill each side with four of the same color, then repeat.

*Controls*: Left and right mouse buttons

\/ looks like this \/

Alrighty man, do what you have to do.   No matter what happens you got this!

You madman!..

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**Spoilers Warning Ahead!!**

If you wish to know most about the game, here is all you can do: 

So I copied this .txt from the .txt file above for your convenience, so you can view it here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


     - Above 25 pets in a row, her face changes 

    - If you pet her 250 times in a row, something might happen...  

    - (It plays a sound if you get 250 pets.)  

- Put your mouse on her boobies, she might notice...  
- Type wega, something might happen...  
- Type jevil, something might happen...  
- Type chi, something might happen... 
- If you wait, she might look around, or be happy.  
- If you wait, there is a chance she might sleep. Click to wake her up! 
- Markus will walk by occasionally.

Here's a link

Ps can you add a key bind to the reset button, please & thank you :).  And also thank you for the good game!

I got as far as I could with (9Bars  & 1heart). I like the puzzles once I got use to them. The Simon says one is by far the hardest one for me, once it gets to five or six, my brain just shut off and it's probably for the best because who knows what evil spirit you're unleashing into this world (again).

Hope your doing alright, wherever you are. And I hope you have a good day.

Okay, thank you!

It's got the bare minimum, just don't know what to do other than to walk around and site see.

He's got the hair for it.

Thanks for the tip. The game has some good bones.

I gave her all the wholesome headpats for the time I was given and I get call LAME.

L A M E 

I wait for your return. 

Here's a good game, but it's still Text-based, it's got lots of pictures:


I don't know Linux, but you can see if it runs on your browser, here

You can play it here on browser too

You can play it here on browser too

You can play it here on browser too

You can play it here

Look at the other comments below, Indivi has already answered this.

There in Planned/potential kinks list: above the comment section.


Keep in mind that I have not gone through the code, or done a full playthrough yet, but will there be any autopenetration/autofellatio or just some consensual  *portal panties* in the future,  (or is there already contant in the game?) because I like the idea, but don't like NonCon. Thank you.

*Side note: Just wondering if you can make the Bio Info more compact  so it can fit in one screenshot, it would make it a lot easier instead of writing it,  (or by taking multiple screenshots.) It just Quality of life change for the people that might want to copy a character sheet.

*P.s. If you see Stud again, tell him that there will be hell to pay if I see him doing something funny again, or just plain bullying the other inmates. 

Sincerely June, Your friendly Lilac Cellblock neighbor.


Here's her character info (for the other users if they want to roleplay as her.)


June Jaracho ;  Is headstrong and has a strong sense of justice, she only turn to prostitution as a last resort, do to the fact that she was living in the slums and dying of starvation on her homeworld. She see prison as a blessing in disguise, because she probably would have been dead by now without it.   She cares deeply for her fellow neighbor and steps up for those in need.

*Bio info: 

Head: human, Hair: short,  Ears: human,  Horns: dragon horns 2, Arms: anthro, Breasts:  Female B, Penis: Human 18 cm, Balls: 0%, Vagina: true, Anus: true, Tail: demon tail, Legs: planti legs.

I wanted to look under the lava to see if I could see find diamonds like in Minecraft, but...

\/ Exit glitch \/

I was trying to play as a different character it the beginning but the game wouldn't let me. ;(

If play as Elle or Violette, then click the Exit button and click Play in the main menu.

You can have the others give you advice in the beginning, but can not move.

I hope this helps with the bugs. :)

Thank you! :) Never been put in a game before!

If you  want more ideas or just need a second opinion on anything I'll be glad to give you some help. Otherwise English is my first language and I'm a pretty good writer . 

I hope you have a good day/night. :)

I think i'm good. No thank you.

Make sure to touch some grass. Look at a few trees and be like, "Damn that tree is thicc as hellll!"  All jokes aside I hope you have a good long restful break.

Thank you for the update. And if you get the time, can go to a park or something and just chill for a sec that would be good because your brain needs to see that nature, it's a requirement not an option. Thank you.

You can double jump over this wall. I was looking of secrets, I guess I found one. :)

Ok, Thank you.

I don't mean to pry, but will you be adding HTML5 online/download zip to the game road map in the future?

Proof of Completion.

All I'm gonna to say, it's something.

I was trying to make everyone human, but that is impossible because someone has to have cow/bull gene,  you can't get rid of it. 

To have the most humans possible you have to have someone be a pure bull/cow.

Like the game so far, and I have some Ideas for yah.  (Don't take them too seriously, I'm just spitballing.)  

When you receive a comment you can swipe left or right, (yes/no) like "Reigns" , but that can become repetitive.

Another idea is that you have to take care of Candace's hygiene.

Were you have have to take a shower or have the Colleague wear a condom, but at the downside of being away from your work and have the Colleague not cum as fast.

And my last Idea comes from the "Fallout" series when your hacking the computers terminals, but instead you're fixing syntax/ bug smashing, and to add a bit chaos to it.  When Candace is getting fucked you have to deal with random button presses that you have to then delete from the code or maybe the screen is shaking and can't see it right.

I don't know, just some ideas for you. I hope you have a good day/night.

"Reigns" a resource management game. 


"Fallout 3" hacking mini game.


I would give you 5 stars if I could. 

This game kind of reminds me of the "Don't Escape" series, here a link to it :

- Pretty solid game so far.  My only gripe is the slimes are hit on touch, (defiantly like the wolfs better, because of the time attack delay.)

- Glitches; When fighting in the forest, you can glitched yourself into the trees by throwing things. (It has to do with the character being "thrown back" after the throw.)

- If your fighting up close to enemies, you can be trapped by being pin against a rock and whatever is trying to kill you, and you can escape.

Sometimes you can't hit the enemy that has you pinned,  would have to test it further, so I could say it did 100% of the time or didn't. 

Thanks man