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Yes, it will even be in icon sheet format so you literally can just drag and drop it onto your current sheet and it will fit right in.

Hello!, I actually am working on posting a new set of weapon packs that have 32x32 in them and i will be updating this pack as well. They should be up here by the end of the week :D

Hello, with the exporting to sprite sheet in the images on unity it shows 512x512 frames can it be adjusted to be smaller? like to 48x48?

Hello, so I make this one was made in a software for making particle effects. If you are kit familiar how that works, you need to create shapes in like photoshop or find them online and you manipulate the shapes to form the effects you want. The software also exports to png frames and I use Pyxel edit to put all the frames into sheets. Sometimes depending on the effect I’ll make the entire thing in Pyxel edit.

Sorry about that! not sure what happened there but it is available now :D

I really love your work, i have enjoyed building my game with your monsters!