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I'm glad you're looking forward to the customization of the MC! You'll get to play around with a bit of it in chapter one ;)

Thank you so much for the support!! I cannot wait to share the quad poly route with you^^ <3

You have no idea how happy this makes me! I’m so glad you like it so far! You’ll definitely get to see more in chapter one ^^ 💜

ah thank you so much! I cannot wait to share more with everyone in chapter one!! 💜💜

This is actually such a fun game and I was laughing so hard when I picked the wrong choices. The art is cute and beautiful! The storyline is really good -- totally worth the read. The characters too!! I love Jiji and kumochi! :D

Ah! Thank you so much! It worked easily, I cannot wait to play the game now! Thank you again for the help! :D

Hi! I saw this game and really wanted play it but when I downloaded the free version on my Mac and tried to open it -- it said 'Cannot open because the developer cannot be verified. Cannot verify that this app is free.' idk if this is just me -- or if I did something wrong -- but any help is appreciated! This looks like such a good game and I would really like to play it     :'[

I totally understand ! Take your time but know this I look forward to future updates lol :D

I really enjoyed the demo! I was hilarious and I honestly love Sigurred so much lmao, it’s really fun and easy to read so far! I cannot wait until the next future update! (Which I hope is soon! 😅)