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I got all five endings, but there's one thing I couldn't figure out. What does the treadmill switch in the gym room activate?

The same.

The last version has a bug that makes it impossible to beat the game. The four digit code for the door is absent from the note, and the code from the previous versions isn't the correct code anymore.

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The code is present in the earlier versions. You can get it from the let's plays in the comments, but don't bother because it doesn't work anymore. I have the same issue as you. I guess it's a bug in the newest version.

Yeah, but how did he die? We want Dave's Route! :D

The Linux version is the Windows version file archived under a wrong name.

I got all six endings.

You have to explain what has happened to Dave.

It has six endings.

There's an issue with your game. The moment after you dig the grave for the corpse, you get attacked by the monster. The only way I've found to get around this is to start Part Three.

Linux user here. For some reason I can't turn 360 around my axis, which makes it frustrating to play. I completed the game but couldn't enjoy it properly.

Wrong game page.

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The possibility of restarting the game at the point where you start asking the ghost questions after you get the bad ending would be nice. It's tiring to replay the game all over again to get back to the asking segment.

Me neither. I think you have to eat all the apples to get it. The game tells you that apples help your eyesight. So something new reveals itself when you eat them. I have to test this.

Thank you for accepting feedback and informing me.

The game would've been scarier if there was an explanation behind the nightmare and the creatures.

Makes a sequel where you do get rid of the evil.

I can't run the Windows version. It stops on the loading screen.

Yes. Think of what you else can you do in the game.

There's a fourth ending.

There's a fourth ending.

The game is too hard. His step sounds don't tell me where he is. And the running speed is too slow. I think I'm not the only one who has this issue. Every person I've watched playing never finishes the game. It's simply hard.

Is this still in development?

The nicotine are cigarettes. They are under the sheets of the bed in the first room that you enter at the beginning of the game. 

Nice game. The guy who gives you the job looks like Fox Mulder, which makes the game funnier that it is. I hope you make the next chapter.

Where is the fifth unhealthy item in the second stage? I can't find it anywhere?

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The game is excellent. It's fun once you get the hangs of the mechanics, and the atmosphere is genuinely creepy and one of dread. However, it has a balance issue: the enemies drop herb too rarely or too often,  which makes every game round a dice roll.

The game can't be installed over the app.

I can't install the game over the Itch app. The app sends me the error that it can't decompress a file.