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Yeah i've been made aware of the softlock by a couple of people (it will be fixed post jam), as for the precision, that was an oversight on my part and will change for post-jam releases.

Wish the game was a bit longer, would also be great if to complete the level you need BOTH characters to get to the goal, but still overall liked the game.

Love this game, personally would remove colliders and add the ability to jump if this is taken further, but overall LOVE the game!

This was something I tried to implement but ran out of time. The plan is to fix both things in the post jam work on the game.

Loved the graphics and overall concept! can't wait to see more!

Overall liked the game, would benefit from a down animation showing that you tried to move downwards, but overall REALLY enjoyed the game.

Really liked the game once i fully grasped the concept. Art is really good, though a tutorial would be really nice!

It was

But not intentionally...