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Mae me burst out laughing while also having a super creepy atmosphere keep making games this was a gem!!!

Hilarious animations absolutely loved it great job!!!

Seriously hilarious and definitely made me jump! Great job Developer!!!

Game is very unique great job!

Hilarious yet still gave me chills!

Really cool concept I loved it!

For being made in under 20 hours great job!

I really love the atmosphere of the game great job!

Love the atmosphere and music great job!

Needs some work but really love the variety of games great job dev!

Love the retro feel great job Developer!

The voice acting gave me a great laugh! Intentional or not I loved it!

Really love the project and can't wait to see it develop!

The single most terrifying thing I have ever experienced in my life! Great job developer I loved it!

Super scary/spooky experience! Great job developer!

This game blows my mind with how great independent developers have come, absolutely great job on the game! 

Short and sweet I love it! Great job Developer!

Super spooky and scary atmosphere with amazing graphics!

Absolutely love the artistic style of the game! great job dev!

Game was hilarious! Great job on the game!

Love the unique abstract feel of the game!

Great job Developer!

Game was a little buggy and yet still felt great to play! Great job Developer!

Short and sweet! Great Job Developer!

Threw my headset the jumpscare got me so good! Great job developer!

Absolutely loved it! Graphics are beautiful, gameplay feels great, atmosphere is amazing! Great job developer I cannot wait to see more!

Spooky game! Great job Developer!

Very abstract experience! Great job Developer!

Really big silent hill vibes! Great job developers cant wait for the full release!

Good scares ! Looking forward to part 2!

Looks great feels great plays great, and in summary GREAT GAME!

Really like the concept! Can't wait to see this game move forward!

Can't emphasize how good this game feels. Great job developer I can't wait to see more! 


I loved it and had a great laugh at this game!

Great job developer keep it going!