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Yeah, there are some things I have learned since making this that I wish I could have done. This was the first game I made using Godot, so I was really just testing out a bunch of stuff.

Thanks, I should have been a little bit more generous with the sword lol.

True, 3 hours isn't much.

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Thanks lol, I had gotten so used to the controls while testing, I cant tell if the are good or bad. I was at a point where I could beat my game in under a minute XD (I prefer jumping with spacebar if that helps you at all)

Beat it by cheesing, but it was very fun!

Yeah, I could have made the attack a bit more forgiving. And you can click to attack aswell

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I will give it a try right now

Edit: Just did it, that's pretty cool!

I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say issues with jumping, I and others do have not seemed to have that issue. Here is an example of game play showing keyboard inputs. (Note, you can also attack using shift)

I'm not sure, I got the ending where the game closes XD

It was cool, I played through it completely, but I had noticed the collision with the walls was a bit strange within the first few moments of playing. So I had a good feeling I could try to break out. It was very fun though.

Would be a fun game to speed run lol.

I don't actually have arthritis, but this game is a good way to get it lol

Cool game, the screen went solid black after I beat the "ALMOST" level...

As it looks like it is intended for a mobile device, I would love to see a mobile port.

Very cool idea

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Actually a pretty cool game, last level was pretty hard.

Also, I think it gave me arthritis immediately.

I see you too have a slight audio delay, I thought it was just my game (I use Godot as well)


Unfortunately does not work... if you care to see the error I am having.

I had issues w/ my game as well that only appeared after trying to put it on
If my tiny brain can figure out weird bugs, yours can too GL

Good game , but the main "enemy" is wrong, I am in control.

Actually a really cool experience though, I enjoyed it!

The large blue enemy killed me and I never re-spawned :( I like the over the top particles tho

IDK about construct, but in Godot (the engine I use) I just need to set up controls for mobile and export as an APK (for android). It's probably not too difficult on Construct though, you should look into it.

Never loaded for me :(

(probably an issue on my side)

Looking at some of the videos, I realized it was going at like 4x the speed it was supposed to when I played. I legit had speed hacks enabled some how lmao.

Not bad, I watched the original Vimlark video with his version, seemed like an interesting idea. I like the mobile layout, you could port it to android and I bet it would be great there.

Nice, I did find one bug, where going left and then trying to go right really fast resulted in me getting stuck. Other than that one bug it was very fun :)

I am also making a platforming game (using Godot), what game engine did you make this in?