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I did see it. I downloaded and started it thinking it was a completed demo XD. You should have seen my face when i realized it was only some 'simple' map things. I admire your goal of being a long term dev of a single game, a lot of games were ruined because of rushing so it's refreshing to see people like you. Hit me up when you got the next demo ready.

Good Luck with your game!

Wow that's some detailed world 0.0

But i have to ask.Will this come even close to completion? Every game i've found that is this detailed usually stops before getting released.

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Be careful about that editor. There will definitely be many dirty event chains.

I can't wait! XD

PS: Is it possible to make a small demo available? Like maybe have a set number of years before it just stops.Just make sure not to get the entire game in the demo cuz then it's easily crackable.

PSS: dirty as in sexual

Hey, spinnortality demo is out! I played it and didn't like it but you may enjoy it more. Have fun!

Checked the trailer, seems good , though its more of "your secret organisation/nation/country/cult versus the world" rather than "influence existing nations for your own gain". A  ridiculously funny game is Evil Genius. Its a bit old by now but its well executed and MOST IMPORTANTLY it's HILARIOUS.

Steam Link: 

I checked them out, although the card system is somewhat off-putting i will still try HO out. Thx for the suggestions! If you find anymore, PLS tell me. I'll be waiting >:D

Hey, big fan of your game. Played it alot though i never could finish it due to characters becoming suspicious every which way XD. Was wondering if you know other similar games to this aside from Inflitration cause i cant find anything. Thx in advance for any reply.

*hype 2* I am really looking forward to this. Good Luck!

Hey, nice game, really enjoyed it. It would be nice if you could add the percentages that we can see in the photos and if possible add an auto send command so you can send a stream of machines instead of spamming.