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A suggestion popped into my mind as i read the Seeker's mechanics. Give them a sanity meter and have it go down (maybe % based) whenever they chance upon forbidden knowledge. If they got down to 0, either auto recruit them to the player, have them become madmen who try to kill anything and everything, have them die or have them turn into something like a Cultist who tries to actively help you, though you shouldnt be able to enthrall them because they aren't enshadowed and blind to the darkness but rather acknowledge it and try to help it spread, so they still keep their mind, they just want to help the other side.

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NICE! Thx for update!

I got a (maybe, possibly, definitely) good idea about agents. Have them be neutral. By that i mean, there shouldn't be 'your' agents but rather neutral agents that act based on their goal and interests. Etc: Merchants and Merchant guilds, their goal is to make money, they do that by visiting cities with high prosperity, and they can't revisit the last X cities they've alredy visited thus forcing them to make long or roundabout trade routes. The guilds could be a 'nation' of merchants that can accept loan requests from nobles, have a doge or a council that decides or votes, it can choose to embargo a nation / province / city so its merchants aren't allowed to get in, it has a separate treasury from its merchants so it has to tax them, which can mean low/high taxes affect the possibility of merchants banding together and leaving their guild to found a new one etc. Or you can have it be location based where instead of merchants you only have guilds that expand their influence. This 'neutral agents' system allows for ANY profession to be added. You could also have these agents be a separate pool from noble characters and allow something like 1 enthralled noble and several agents or guilds. Thoughts?

Edit: Further examples: assassins, (light/dark)priests, cults, barbarians?, mercenaries.

Woohoo! New update! Go Bobby! Thx alot!

Hey! BIG FAN 2: Electric Boogaloo

Tried the window minimising thing and ... it didn't work. It helped a ton, allowed me to kill the titan zombies and actually allow me to go beyond the 'tutorial' and go after a small horde. I love the RTS mechanics and how there are 'extra' zombies on the map that aren't part of the horde, i also love how you can find boxes that you can loot, very cool and good implementations! Just need to work on optimisation and you got me hooked! Till then, i'll help by randomly checking my feed :P

Hello! VERY BIG fan here!

Just wanted to ask for something because it makes the game so unplayable, i die the first battle with the 4 zombies(btw please make sure that that group doesnt start with titans! I ran out of ammo because i couldnt aim due to the problem). The problem being....... actually difficult to categorise.... it's something between optimisation and player control. Anyway, basically my pc is too shit to run the game, it lags so much i cant aim, everything i do is done half a second to a full 2 seconds after i press the button and so on. Thus(ly) ,i would like to request a graphics option to change the game quality. Simply grass density and render distance and a framerate cap is too little, something like model quality, dimension chooser ( 800x600, 1920x980 etc) render distance for EVERYTHING (buildings,ground,zombies etc (could be done with a mist effect)) and other similar settings.

TLDR: I need actual graphics options orelse my pc is too shit to play the game.

Alright, thx for notifying me. Tbh i can't really think of a system for that except maybe as a joke. Have the same system for awareness of the darkness and copy it over for the environment and global temperature drop. Ex: i drop the global temp by a bit, this causes the southern cities to be more habitable, hence their lords there have no motive to do anything, but the northern lords have their cities damaged, which causes them to think about how to reverse it. Now, HOW they reverse can be magic BS, just burning a bunch of things, or something else i can't think of. This way the system encourages using the weather system only when the war is so big that the lords dont have a chance to really fight it.

Other ideas i can think of are: 

Have the sun death power be permanent but also a really complicated ritual that needs a dark empire and the other power be temporary one-off spell.

The provincial hierarchy you mentioned is really good and can be tied into casus belli. Ex: The duke wants to war on the nearby empire because they control one of his duchy's towns.

And that's about it, thanks again for the info. Can't wait to see how you develop it further *girly squeal*!

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Hey Bobby!

Just checked my feed, found V3, IMMEDIATELY downloaded it and started playing. It was awesome how the V1 mechanics got added in (at least the power system), had a lot of fun with them.

So anyway, got some feedback and questions for you:

1. The weather power should become permanent, at least the 'death of the sun' one, since it doesn't just lower temp, it literally KILLS THE SUN!

2. I still miss the hierarchy system, because to me it made a lot of sense. Hope you'll add it sometime soon. Any ETA on that?

3.I think you should change the Lord/Lady generation system as well as the darkness one. By that i mean, that the darkness % of the location should slowly try to match that of it's ruler, and have it influence the lords/ladies that spawn there. Ex: a single-town duchy removes a lord, the location's darkness is 56%, thus the new lord has a 56% chance of being darkened upon spawning. And in a multi-town empire, you do the same but add a step before that where you decide which town the lord spawns in.

Hope this helps you! Keep it up! Really love the game! I don't know how to stop! Help! Oh wait, nvm. BYE!!

Edit: Is it possible to make some sore of age system as well? A lot of times i get caught in a stalemate, where the ruler and few of his friends aren't darkened but everyone else is, but everyone loves the ruler, so it's impossible to depose him and any attempt to gain power is blocked by him because he hates all the darkened. So either an age system to make him die of old age, which could maybe evolve later into a whole dynasty system *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* or have the darkened gain a slowly rising dislike for all who have lesser or none shadow level. It's even role friendly, because if they are corrupted , then maybe they get an instictual dislike for the non-corrupted out of envy,jealousy etc. kinda like how zombies are sometimes described, they hate those who have what they don't, even if they don't know it intellectually.

Holy shit did i rant a lot.



FUCK YEAH! \(^-^)/   ヽ(´▽`)ノ

PRAISE BE TO BobbyTwoHands ヽ(゚ー゚*ヽ)ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ(ノ*゚ー゚)ノ

I did see it. I downloaded and started it thinking it was a completed demo XD. You should have seen my face when i realized it was only some 'simple' map things. I admire your goal of being a long term dev of a single game, a lot of games were ruined because of rushing so it's refreshing to see people like you. Hit me up when you got the next demo ready.

Good Luck with your game!

Wow that's some detailed world 0.0

But i have to ask.Will this come even close to completion? Every game i've found that is this detailed usually stops before getting released.

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Be careful about that editor. There will definitely be many dirty event chains.

I can't wait! XD

PS: Is it possible to make a small demo available? Like maybe have a set number of years before it just stops.Just make sure not to get the entire game in the demo cuz then it's easily crackable.

PSS: dirty as in sexual

Hey, spinnortality demo is out! I played it and didn't like it but you may enjoy it more. Have fun!

Checked the trailer, seems good , though its more of "your secret organisation/nation/country/cult versus the world" rather than "influence existing nations for your own gain". A  ridiculously funny game is Evil Genius. Its a bit old by now but its well executed and MOST IMPORTANTLY it's HILARIOUS.

Steam Link: 

I checked them out, although the card system is somewhat off-putting i will still try HO out. Thx for the suggestions! If you find anymore, PLS tell me. I'll be waiting >:D

Hey, big fan of your game. Played it alot though i never could finish it due to characters becoming suspicious every which way XD. Was wondering if you know other similar games to this aside from Inflitration cause i cant find anything. Thx in advance for any reply.

*hype 2* I am really looking forward to this. Good Luck!

Hey, nice game, really enjoyed it. It would be nice if you could add the percentages that we can see in the photos and if possible add an auto send command so you can send a stream of machines instead of spamming.