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actually stupid

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Thank you James for bringing me my future husband. Constantine is lovely and i gladly accept his hand in marriage. 😌

Agree with this. There are plenty of really really talented people who have written ifs on here. There are just so many that never see completion. 😭 i've only stumbled across a handful of ifs that i didnt enjoy! (mostly because of mc being gender locked or being a genre i'm not interested in) which is painful because i have over 30 ifs that i'm following and a bunch appear to have been abandoned.

Zillah you can't do this to my poor Roe. He's a damn mess already. 😭 Just stop being stubborn and smooch the sad bastard!!

not my mc being named Elias as well 😭 oh god this might get confusing

Where the hood, where the hood, where the hood at.

irus is a lil shit (affectionate) i adore him

gonna punch virion for being a cockblock too tbh

Charlie appreciation post. He's so sweet i'm getting cavities.

Eloping with Cyril forget this war bs. Sis bout to get us all killed fr 

yeah uhhh i wasnt into arthurian legend until now. 

also the trans options got me crying. accolon for parent of the year please? ty

A is perfect in every single way. Now just smooch MC please.

also loving all the Zillah simps in the comments. i have found my people.


My love. 

Please stop hurting my Roe like this. 

He's a moron and incredibly exclusively attracted to malicious shadow head entities that have been exorcised into the bodies of attractive young men. He just wants to kiss you and be your little troublesome pet. He's not asking for much.

Also absolutely hollering at Daddy Death calling Zillah out on his horny. HE KNOWS WHAT YOU'VE DONE Z. (Now do it again)

Yea hes absolutely God. Even if he isnt ACTUALLY God... he's still a God. 

Jeff Appreciation Post tbh

absolutely devouring any and all A or Rylan content. thank you for this meal evertides. 🙏

Zillah my beloved/behated... What a horrible terrible little gremlin shade he is... he's perfect and i love him.

aaaaaaaaa i LOVE this!!! ;w; i havent played mantis' path yet but i will definitely check it out!!! more neurodivergent (esp. autism spectrum) rep in ifs is honestly such an amazing thing to see!!! everything so far seems great! ^^ thank you and good job so far!

Heck yea! Update!!! Crave has my heart and soul... what a quirky little (tall) guy!!! His constant fidgeting (stimming?) and (nervous perhaps?) tics are so relatable it hurts. Get this boy a chew necklace ASAP!!!

Gotta ask... is Crave... maybe... perhaps... canon neurodivergent? ;w; Heck he resonates with me so much that i gotta ask... dying for some accurate rep here aaaaaa

incredibly deep and life changing. .. i cried 7 times during this game. a must play for literally anyone with reading comprehension. baja be thy blast my friends..

i got certifed as a forklift driver and caused chaos at work. 11/10

This is actually so good omg. the writing feels just like the original game.

-raises my hand guiltily-

he's horrible and an asshole but super charming help 😭


17. made it in 17 lives. wonderful game 

HELP i dont think im supposed to be this attracted to gasper 💀💀💀💀 def gonna take up his offer for dinner if given the chance omfg... kinda sad that he isnt an RO honestly-- mc the whole encounter like oh god this is bad this is dangerous i need to leave and im just admiring his portrait like DAMN MORE OF HiM PLEASE

as someone who knows next to nothing about filipino culture this is so cool??? im learning AND having fun! the culture is so rich and i cant wait to see more.

LOVE this so much!!!!!!! it's like stardew valley in a way? it gave me the same vibes! my only complaint is that there isnt more ;_; thoroughly enjoyed this game

loving this ALSO THE ART FOR THE ROs!?!?!?!?!? GORGEOUS

arion has my whole heart

maddox is such an ass im fucking smitten omg

the fact that everyone in the comments is so concerned for the author is genuinely so sweet im gonna cry. we hope you're ok!!! an update for the game would be awesome but i think we really just wanna know if you're alright!!!

PLEASE that one option before bed has me wheezing omg. i love this so far

A beautifully raw game. i won't lie and say i know exactly what you went through. but i can empathize with you. i don't have any encouraging words or pep talks but i hope you know that you're heard. you're seen. you're valid.

all valid opinions!!! i'm not our lovely author so i can't say for sure but MY personal belief and what im picking up on from Nash is that they are not.. very good at.. any of this stuff. i do think they care but i believe they have trouble showing it. just my thoughts though!

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actually screamed when i saw chapter two released. ate it up like a starved beast ngl. i am more and more in love with all of these weirdos with each update

omggg i am SO invested. eagerly awaiting updates!!!

Li Rory and Bas are all under arrest for stealing my heart. 

Petition to add Rory to the poly route

(im only half joking.. gives me an excuse to replay ;) )

lucian fanclub founder: me

waiting for the crown to give rezan a lil kiss because the likely flustered blushing and stuttering will be glorious. >:)

played bc of everyone simping for the mayor. was not disappointed. hello mayor walsh~ ;)

zero my beloved.. im already loving this aaa