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actually stupid

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i love them all too much

i swear the dialogue in your games gives me life. the sass. the humor. the back and forth banter between characters. its glorious.

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hooooooly shit. the different endings you can get in this game are absolutely fantastic. definitely try as many as you possibly can. please. the freedom is delicious. im still working on getting all the endings but WOW... now i want to replay the entire series.

absolutely ADORE this game series and i thank you very very much for giving us all some closure with this game.

also i will die for abel he's precious

please bite me, black

qiu and tamarack are precious i will defend them with my life

send help 

i am deeply in love with a fictional green-haired man

LOVE this so far omg. I ate this up like a starved beast. Very very nice demo! I look forward to more! :)

Nahhh you can't do this to me. Can't leave me on this cliffhanger... :crying: another AMAZING update. Love ya...

HEARTBROKEN that this is the end for the demo updates, but you can bet your ass I'm going to buy the game once it's released on steam. You don't understand how much I love Irus this game. (Hint: It's a LOT.)

Thank you for all the amazing content and fun interactions here and on your blog! It's been a pleasure to enjoy the demo so far and I can only imagine the full game will be amazing as well. Much love~ <3

Very nice start! Eager to read more. :)

i have never played dead by daylight but im enjoying this immensely. thank you for the food.

salvatore i will actually die for you

here i am. clawing my way out of real life/hell. scrabbling across the ground like a roach to log into so i can devour this content like a starving beast.

i will DIE for zihr please and thank you.

these are some damn good pretzels man

not usually a person who consumes much yandere content but i see a lot of potential here. :) Will definitely be keeping and eye on this one!

absolutely devouring the easter egg 😍

ohhhh man. so much to dissect with these characters. >:) luceris especially. really really looking forward to more of this!! 

im bad at basic math. 10/10 would let the elf freeze to death again

That maze honestly had me pretty spooked!!! New fear unlocked??? Extremely excited to see more of this!!

something calm and simple?? in an if???? sign me up!!! action packed fantasy ifs are wonderful but we need more slice of life!!! ^^ love this

oh man. nothing gets me as excited about something like playing as the villain!!!

oooh so good so far!! excited to see more!

omg i was so scared that id lost this!!! so relieved to see its still ongoing! ^^ Eagerly awaiting the next update!!! can't wait to steal my sister's husband again~

ill accept any excuse to replay again haha. don't worry about it!! thank you for all your hard work!! 💖💖

oh no!! my saves are gone!!! (immediately replays for the 7th time) >:)

10/10 got to grow carrots and cabbage

Promising start!!! Eager to see where this goes from here. ^^

Oh thank god i was so worried!!! ;-; My sweet baby Crown...

Chapter 4!!! Thank you for the food!!! ;w; Irus my beloved... don't worry. My goblin of an MC refuses to abandon you! You're stuck with him now... 

Never disappointed when theres an update. ^^ Can't wait for the next one!!

Well!!! Time to replay for the 4th time! Please prioritize your own health! You matter so much more than a game. Take as long as you need. We'll be waiting!! xoxo

Thank YOU for working so hard to bring us all these updates so quickly!!! ;w; You're the best and amazing and please don't overwork yourself!!!

gotta post again to just say that i check this for updates daily💀 your writing has me hooked asjoajw

oops!!!!!! i now have a thing for eldritch gods. thanks sysba.

Smashing my head into a wall @ my roe just. ignoring zillah trying to chat abt their shitshow of a relationshp. roe. babe. i get it but at the same time... JUST TELL THE SHADE YOU WANT TO SMOOCH HiM PLEASE (no rly tho im loving the pain here. yes vihaan i AM a masochist. ty for noticing)

it's so painful haha. but it does let me really really appreciate all the awesome authors out there who provide me with ANY content (esp FREE CONTENT?? ? yall are too good for me) to devour 0:)

Thank you James for bringing me my future husband. Constantine is lovely and i gladly accept his hand in marriage. 😌

Agree with this. There are plenty of really really talented people who have written ifs on here. There are just so many that never see completion. 😭 i've only stumbled across a handful of ifs that i didnt enjoy! (mostly because of mc being gender locked or being a genre i'm not interested in) which is painful because i have over 30 ifs that i'm following and a bunch appear to have been abandoned.

Zillah you can't do this to my poor Roe. He's a damn mess already. 😭 Just stop being stubborn and smooch the sad bastard!!

not my mc being named Elias as well 😭 oh god this might get confusing