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A member registered Apr 16, 2021

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Leadersheep Review

This game has its bugs and glitches but it sure is confusing. 

1. The instructions need work.
2.  Esc quits the game
3.  The game is very confusing.
4. It is inverted mouse.

Overall, I rated this game a 1 star because 10 seconds in, I lost.

Kitty Builder Review

I just opened this game and it looks as if it was made on April 20th, 1969. I will not stand for this terrible choice in graphics. I have left a 1 star review!

This is so fun game, I played it for days! I liked it! 

I pirated it on my mobile phone. I do wish to see future updates. 

Nyctophobia Review

This game sucks, I do not understand what to do and I do not appreciate you complaining about no one paying for your free game. Yes, you have to get a job, we are not going to spend money to help you update this underwhelming and confusing game, if you are too lazy to go get a job. Unacceptable!