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So short yet so touching! I love the concept and the atmosphere and only wish the game was longer. Amazing work!

I've just played the game and I loved it! It's short but you manage to create such a beautiful and touching atmosphere all along. The narration was perfect, I enjoyed every aspects of the story. The puzzle part motivates to find every pieces of the past and add to the mystery. Really a good game from start to finish !

At first sight, the design wasn't very appealing to me, but then I've found the game very fun to play ! The atmosphere is great, the story interesting, and the gameplay with the clues to link is so cool ! Really worth trying it ! :D

Je le dis en français aussi : super travail ! Je vous ai laissé un feedback avec le questionnaire google et j'ai vraiment passé un bon moment, très très bonne surprise. Vous m'aviez contacté parque j'ai une page FB où j'essaie de parler indie games quand j'en ai le temps. Je vais essayer de faire un article sur votre jeu ces prochains temps, il en vaut totalement la peine ! Encore bravo !

The game is absolutely beautiful, I love the atmosphere. The puzzles are challenging but not impossible, it's pleasant to play. Really an amazing work !

Amazing job ! I enjoyed every aspects of this game. The graphics are truly beautiful and the music is so nice! I would definitively buy a longer version, it was such a pleasant experience ! Thank you very much for this poetic yet fun moment!

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I LOVE this demo. This art is beautiful, the music is perfectly fitting the atmosphere and the game play is really nice. I've really appreciated the experience, very immersive! great work!

If there are some French people arround. S'il y a des francophones qui passent par là, j'ai écrit une petite review plus approfondie juste ici :)

The game is beautiful! I really enjoyed the background's colors with dark silhouettes. It fits the story and create a perfect ambiance. I think it's worth developing more, I was sad it was so short ;) Keep the good work! (and I love the ending!)

This demo is very nice to play. The story and the characters are interesting. I often feel bored if there is too many text but not this time. It's really pleasant to meet all those fishes and talk with them!

The crab is perfect, as the Porcupinefish's song! And I love the graphic design. It's colorful yet peaceful. Good work!

This game really was a good surprise! The ambiance is very creepy and the art suits perfectly. The character are interesting, even for a short story, it's well written. I also enjoyed the game play when it comes to shoot ghosts! I'm looking forward to play more stories in this universe ! Great Job! :)

I really wasn't expected such a touching game! I felt so sad with the first ending I got that I immediately play it again, according as much care I could to my actions! I was worried all to way long to make it right! You did create real emotions and it was an amazing experience to play! And the art suits perfectly too. I want to play it again and in the same time I'm afraid of the others endings I could get... 

Haha, I love the game and the end really surprised me! It was super fun to play!

Very well done! I enjoyed finding the different endings. It's short but it is worth it!

This game is full of promises. With real "secret of mana" vibes, it's so pleasant to play! Characters and story seem interesting and you can feel the love put into this game. Great work!