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Are we allowed to submit incomplete games/prologues/demos? Due to some external factors, I don't think I'll be able to get a full game produced, but I could have a little small something done and submitted if that's alright.

Hiya! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Did you read Soul of Winter? I wanted to ask since you commented on this one and not that one. A third might come out in December 2022... who knows 👀

This was super cute to look at and really exciting to read!!! I loved picking all the choices and the characters were super engaging. I loved it!!

This was a wild ride, I have mixed emotions. but overall quite well made. Very surreal. Much enjoyed.

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Ah, thank you for the critique! This is still a very early version of the game, early enough that some of the art might get redone for the final game, so the input is very helpful! Odds are, we probably will put text speed changes in in the future.

Thank you so much for playing and enjoying!

The graphics are adorable. The level of customization that goes into the gameplay makes it so entertaining and engaging.

I'm loving the world that's being constructed through these gam jams. I also REALLY enjoy the music! A masterpiece, as always!

THIS IS SUCH A COOL VISION OF WHAT THE FULL GAME WILL LOOK LIKE! I'm so excited for the final release!! I love the thoughts behind it and the art!! The black and white style is so beautiful!!!


This was absolutely adorable, and it makes me hyped for the official game.

The writing is so pretty!!! I also love the little noises that happen when the text scrolls. It's a very nice touch. The art was adorable.

This is such a cool concept, but I want more!! The world building was so cool, and the sprite animations were adorable.

This visual novel is absolutely adorable!! The writing brought tears to my eyes, and the art was so simplistically beautiful. I love it so much.