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Haha, I was definitely in panic mode too

Great little game! The colors are very pleasing to look at and the overall presentation is really nice, however, I noticed that if you keep holding the jump button, when the player collides with the floor, it gets launched into the air with more height than a regular jump, which I imagine is not an intentional feature.

Also I feel like the game could feel a little tighter, I don't see any reason for the player's collision shape be a capsule, since its literally a square, and could potentially make people fall by accident in difficult jumps, also I think this game could really benefit from having controllable jump height, especially in levels that require precise timing and positioning.

The screen size was intentional to make sure it matches the original Tableau piece, but about the movement, I spent too much time trying to fix it but I realized it was a huge waste of my limited time. I'm planning on releasing a better version of this game after the rating period ends but I don't think people would actually care about it.

Wow, good job! I could only complete with size of 5 haha!

Haha, no, I played around with some brushes on MS Paint and I found out this one looked good in low resolution.

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If I had more time, I would've probably made the game a bit easier to learn, but anyway, thanks for playing!

After I programmed the player, I was actually thinking about using the mouse to let the player decide where they are gonna move more precisely, unfortunately I didn't actually do this because of time constraints, however, I'm thinking about updating the game to allow the use of a mouse. Also thanks for playing my game!

So good! You should polish it more and maybe launch it on Android, it's really fun!

I absolutely loved this game! Are you planning on continuing the game? Even tho I played it alone, shooting lines and creating rectangles with them was very satisfactory and quite fun! So if this gets updated, I'm really looking forward to play it with my friends when possible!

Thanks! I deleted my Plugins folder where the file was located and now it appears to be working!

If you make it fun, then that's all that really matters :>

These errors show up when I close the project and when I open another one, respectively:

Hello, I have a problem, the "Close project" and the "Open..." buttons don't work when I'm inside a project, when I press to close the project, nothing happens, and when I press to open project, after selecting the .gmx file, nothing happens too