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That's very nice of you! Thank you!:)

Glad to know! Can't wait! Happy New Year!

I don't care. I just rebought the games again (my win10 broke down and took them all with itself) and started enjoying myself. Ruffle or Flash player by Adobe will allow me to play the downloaded games after 2020. But I do need a steam key from you, Mr. Skutnik, after you figure out the remastered piece :) Fingers crossed.

I checked out with several submachine games as a guest years ago but the broken-down of my win10 system made me lost them all. Since win8 will no longer be supported by Microsoft after 2023, I'll switch to Unix then. Can submachine games run on Unix system?

Flash is the best platform to create this kind of puzzle adventure game with small duration of little cartoons. This is art & technique, not the stupid blast of special effects. Little people realize the efforts put into every frame by an artist like you. And till now there is no other software as efficient as Flash to create this kind of puzzle game. I'm so sad. I'm not sure whether HTML5 vedio will be an option for you. I don't even know whether HTML5 has the same function as Flash.

I can't believe these series ended. I love the character so much that I came back to play the games from time to time just to see her. She is so determined, decisive and brave; I like taking risks with her in her reckless adventure. Thank you, Mateusz! Thank you for visualizing such a unique female character that can not been seen anywhere else. I played back the intro in convert front 3 dozens of times just to admire her unusual presence - she looked out of the train window with martini by her side. I like the moment she was caught by surprise with widened eyes; the moment she narrowed them with contempt; even the moment she became aggressive...Kara, I want to see you again, in more series, more stories, more episodes and more espionage!