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Nick Miller - VR Developer

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Not much to do in its current state, but shooting force lightning was awesome! I destroyed soooo many ewoks haha

a bit like whack a mole: fun, but it was too easy!

really fun concept, i would love to see more complex levels!

i think this one was my favorite! heavy asset use, but looming over a shooter like that was fun

sure, I'll give you a shout out when I can!

Thats it, plain and simple. Interpret it ANY WAY YOU WANT!! Switch boards? Force lightning? Wall sockets? Edison fist fighting Telsa? MAKE IT HAPPEN!! Good luck everyone :D

hey everyone, the jam is tomorrow!! I'm so stoked :D before we start, is anyone looking for a team? If so post here with what you do and I'll try to help facilitate teams tomorrow when the theme drops

it's here:

Go get em' :D

love your stuff!! Could you make an island theme loop?? I can't guarantee my game will be good but it's island theme and I'll give you all the credits :D