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Not much to do in its current state, but shooting force lightning was awesome! I destroyed soooo many ewoks haha

a bit like whack a mole: fun, but it was too easy!

really fun concept, i would love to see more complex levels!

i think this one was my favorite! heavy asset use, but looming over a shooter like that was fun

Posted in Fried Laptop

sure, I'll give you a shout out when I can!

Created a new topic THE THEME IS ELECTRICITY!!

Thats it, plain and simple. Interpret it ANY WAY YOU WANT!! Switch boards? Force lightning? Wall sockets? Edison fist fighting Telsa? MAKE IT HAPPEN!! Good luck everyone :D

Created a new topic Teams?

hey everyone, the jam is tomorrow!! I'm so stoked :D before we start, is anyone looking for a team? If so post here with what you do and I'll try to help facilitate teams tomorrow when the theme drops

Created a new topic Theme suggestion thread is up!

it's here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Vive/comments/63mahk/rviv...

Go get em' :D

Posted in Music?^^

love your stuff!! Could you make an island theme loop?? I can't guarantee my game will be good but it's island theme and I'll give you all the credits :D